>Mom-mode post # 1 – 10 weeks

August 12, 2009 § 4 Comments


The so-called “belly pictures” are one of my biggest pet peeves — for those out there who have taken them, please don’t take it personally. I also don’t like baby animals and they don’t seem to mind my humble opinion.– But due to the great distance I now have between myself, family and friends, I have found a need and perhaps a reason to take a few of these tacky, although lovely, mementos.

Let’s agree now, that I will not pose for pictures with a sign hanging from my belly, saying how far along I am. I will not under any circumstance succumb to such. It is almost as if you were asking me to hold a cat or pet a dog. It will just not happen. Capiche?

I may, however, eventually venture off and talk about fashion, or post some of my new-found ways to hide a “beer gut”.

For now, I leave you with my first, albeit reluctant, barefoot-and-pregnant-belly-picture. Enjoy!

p.s.: also, please do not suggest that I make a cast out of my belly. Maybe I’ll write a post on the subject later.
*disclaimer* Please do not link my belly-pictures despising with how I feel about my pregnancy. One does not in any way, shape or form, have anything to do with the other.


§ 4 Responses to >Mom-mode post # 1 – 10 weeks

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