>mom-mode post #14 – on how his bags are packed.

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His bags are packed! Thanks to everyone who surprised us with sweet showers and gifts. We are overwhelmed by your kindness and your friendship.

Baby Smith now has everything he needs ( besides a bedroom), including a little vintage t-shirt his daddy wore. Thanks to my mother-in-law who saved everything!

Now I better stop procrastinating and get back to packing my countless bags.

Or maybe I will go for a walk. A cup of coffee! That’s what I need.

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>Mom-mode # 13 – on how I think my son is a night owl

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>I was laying in bed this morning and didn’t feel the baby move. Suddenly, I had the best epiphany: Maybe my son is a night owl like me!
In the mornings as I lay asleep, he is in there and does not make the tiniest move. But during the day, especially later in the evening, he is kicking and screaming with the best of us. I know this may be just a while-in-the-womb thing, but hey, my son likes to sleep in just like his mama.
My other theory is that maybe he’s an extrovert? Because he sure does move a lot when I’m around a lot of people, as if saying; Hey everyone! I’m here! Can’t you see me? Now this theory scares me a little bit, as exciting as it is to have a child who loves the spotlight, this means we are headed for the worst case scenario.
You see, we were hoping for a son just like my husband ( well, I was). He was the perfect son, the perfect student, he’s the perfect husband. He is kind, thoughtful and considerate of others. My fear is that our child will turn out just like me and said indicators of extroversion points us towards my childhood: rebellious, stubborn, smartaleck and a little too independent from others. Not for the faint-hearted, another blogger explained these fears much better than I ever could (http://www.thelilbee.com/2009/09/back-to-school-kindergarten-years.html).

Here’s to hoping that God will be gracious to us and parents’ wishes for “payback” will not be realized. But if he does happen to come just like his mommy, I will love him all the same. ( and will spend a whole lot more time on my knees!)

>mom-mode post # 12 – on how I found out

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I always thought I was going to have a son. Long before this baby was even a mere glimpse in our minds, I just had this feeling.
However, ever since I found out I was pregnant, I was certain I was having a girl. I dreamed I was having a girl. I knew I was having a girl.
It didn’t matter one way or the other, but I was so sure I was carrying a little girl.
To my complete surprise, my baby decided to show me right within the first few minutes of the ultrasound, in the most unbashful manner, that he was indeed a boy and I better start treating him like one!
You see, my mind had drifted into thoughts of tea parties, princess castles and pink patent leather shoes. Now I need to start having thoughts of wrestling matches, war forts and soccer cleats!

Daniel took this picture soon after I found out I was having a son. I couldn’t be a prouder mom. It didn’t even feel stupid ( like it normally does) to be posing for a belly picture. ;0)

Now if only we could agree on a name…

>Mom-mode post #11 – on my motherhood preparedness

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On a conversation with one of my dearest friends:

Friend – So what kind of sippy cups do you want?

Me – Well, I don’t know. When do babies need sippy cups?

(Friend busts out laughing)

Me – You know I don’t know anything about babies!

Friend (still laughing) – Once they start eating solids you can give them a soft tip sippy cup.

Me (thinking I actually know the answer to this one. But since my since my mom- confidence had been shattered, I decided to word it in the form of a question)

– When do they start eating solids? Six months?

Friend (trying not to laugh at my ignorance, I’m sure) – Well, between four and six months.

Fun times with a great friend. She even let me bathe her child when he was only a tiny baby and I had even less experience. Thanks Julie! I owe it to you the (minimal) extent of my motherhood readiness. Wish you could be closer to teach me some more. Clearly, I’m clueless here.

While I may not be ready for motherhood, I am certainly ready for my ultrasound on Tuesday. What do you think, pink or blue?

>Mom-mode post #10 – on how I didn’t faint

September 15, 2009 § 1 Comment


I went to the nation’s capital yesterday. In another attempt to get a stamp on my passport that proves I’m a permanent resident.
My husband and I were a nervous wreck. We sat in Panera Bread, muttering a few prayers, anxiously waiting for the clock to tick 8:15, barely sipping our coffee.
We enter that nefarious building. Our first surprise: no lines. Our second surprise: they waved us right on through where we needed to go, minimal questions asked. We couldn’t believe how smoothly things were going. We got called to counter number four. The friendliest lady (and slowest typer in the world) helps us out. Where was she hiding last time?
Almost anticlimactically she stamps my passport and sends us our way. No attitude, no frowns, no condescending. What a blessing! God was so good.
911 didn’t have to be called and I didn’t faint. We counted that as a blessing too.
Here’s a pic of Daniel and I ( and my 16 week-bump) in the botanical gardens, Lady Liberty behind us.:)
Indeed I’m free to go on and finally make our big move across the big pond!

>Mom-mode post # 9 – on shopping for maternity clothes

September 11, 2009 § 3 Comments


I was thoroughly looking forward to shopping for maternity clothes. I constantly see some pregnant ladies sporting some cute outfits and tops. People kept saying how much I was going to enjoy buying all those cute clothes. I was so excited, I couldn’t contain myself. Knowing that I will soon be moving across the pond, I limited my shopping list to only a few key pieces to carry me in through fall with comfort.

Well, my first endeavor at a maternity store was slightly underwhelming. I was looking for a pair of maternity jeans with a nice dark wash and if it wasn’t asking much, a nice straight cut. All I could find was under qualified and overpriced denim. I left there frustrated and went next door to J.Crew, oh how wish they did maternity!

My next stop was a nice maternity boutique. They had an incredible jeans selection. But I don’t think I was ready to pay for designer jeans, when I’m not even sure these pants will last me all my pregnancy. At the rate I’m going, I keep on needing bigger sizes. 🙂 Another day, another store, another let down.

Desperate in my search for the perfect pair of maternity jeans for just the right price, I gave up. I decided I was just going to keep wearing dresses and skirts for the rest of my pregnancy. But when even my “fat day” jeans were no longer fitting me, I decided to give the maternity clothes store one more try.

Last weekend I landed at Old Navy and was pleasantly surprised. I found a cute pair of comfy jeans and a few other things. Here’s a little peek at my maternity clothing triumph.
Equipped with my elastic waist jeans and my strategically baggy sweater, I’m ready for fall and I’m ready for motherhood! Well, maybe I need another five months to get used to the latter.

>mom-mode post # 8 – on how my belly is growing at 15 weeks

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I bought this dress a few weeks before I found out I was pregnant. I was so happy to find it because it was such a bargain! If you know me, I usually go for quality, not bargains. But if I can find quality AND a good price, I am just absolutely thrilled.
Sad thing is that this is probably the last time I get to wear this dress for a while… My upper body is growing by the minute and the dress is getting tighter and tighter.
I’m going to attempt maternity clothes shopping this weekend. Stay tune for a new post soon!
What lovely weather it’s been here in Virginia!

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