>Mom-mode post #10 – on how I didn’t faint

September 15, 2009 § 1 Comment


I went to the nation’s capital yesterday. In another attempt to get a stamp on my passport that proves I’m a permanent resident.
My husband and I were a nervous wreck. We sat in Panera Bread, muttering a few prayers, anxiously waiting for the clock to tick 8:15, barely sipping our coffee.
We enter that nefarious building. Our first surprise: no lines. Our second surprise: they waved us right on through where we needed to go, minimal questions asked. We couldn’t believe how smoothly things were going. We got called to counter number four. The friendliest lady (and slowest typer in the world) helps us out. Where was she hiding last time?
Almost anticlimactically she stamps my passport and sends us our way. No attitude, no frowns, no condescending. What a blessing! God was so good.
911 didn’t have to be called and I didn’t faint. We counted that as a blessing too.
Here’s a pic of Daniel and I ( and my 16 week-bump) in the botanical gardens, Lady Liberty behind us.:)
Indeed I’m free to go on and finally make our big move across the big pond!


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