>Mom-mode post #11 – on my motherhood preparedness

September 19, 2009 § Leave a comment


On a conversation with one of my dearest friends:

Friend – So what kind of sippy cups do you want?

Me – Well, I don’t know. When do babies need sippy cups?

(Friend busts out laughing)

Me – You know I don’t know anything about babies!

Friend (still laughing) – Once they start eating solids you can give them a soft tip sippy cup.

Me (thinking I actually know the answer to this one. But since my since my mom- confidence had been shattered, I decided to word it in the form of a question)

– When do they start eating solids? Six months?

Friend (trying not to laugh at my ignorance, I’m sure) – Well, between four and six months.

Fun times with a great friend. She even let me bathe her child when he was only a tiny baby and I had even less experience. Thanks Julie! I owe it to you the (minimal) extent of my motherhood readiness. Wish you could be closer to teach me some more. Clearly, I’m clueless here.

While I may not be ready for motherhood, I am certainly ready for my ultrasound on Tuesday. What do you think, pink or blue?


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