>mom-mode post #21 – on the things I love about here

October 15, 2009 § 4 Comments


10 things I love about here:1. The bread — is delicious and is offered at practically every meal! Plus our doorman goes out and brings it for us every morning if we ask him to.2. Chai — Everywhere you go, people offer you chai.3. The tram — our city has this nifty little tram, which is easy to use and there’s a stop very close to our house.4. Our apartment! It’s nicely lit during the day, fresh coat of paint on the walls and just perfect for us.5. Walking everywhere. For those of you who know me, getting behind the wheels is very stressful (and probably not wise) so I love not having to deal with that. Plus, I appreciate the exercise!6. Hearing this new language everywhere — can’t wait to speak it though.7. Friendly people.8. A huge pazaar ( market) two blocks away from our place every Wednesday — filled with fresh fruits and veggies.9. This little canal that runs through downtown. It is so peaceful and it allows me to feel like I’m near the ocean again.10. My hubby — so he’s not from here, but it sure is nice to have him around!And here’s my 21-week belly by our brand-new (to us) living room window. He’s been kicking like a soccer player wannabe. Just love it.

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