>mom-post # 28 – on how he’s gonna look like his daddy

November 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

>Sorry for the lack of belly pics lately. I’ve been busy being pregnant and adjusting to a new country, you know. But life is good and baby boy is doing awesome ( at least that’s what the doctor said). We got to see him last week, all happy and fat — I really think he was smiling at us! It was too sweet.

We are also certain he is going to have his daddy’s nose and lips. It was very clear on the ultrasound. I know he’s going to be just as handsome as his daddy. That makes me happy.
It is also fun to imagine if he’s going to be pasty white or if he’s going have olive skin like mine. If he’s hair is going to be dark brown or light brown… I can’t wait to meet him! (and maybe by then we’ll give him a name).
I’m 27 weeks today, which means next week I’ll start my third trimester. Where has time gone?
No belly pics today — I’m having a fat day.:)
Instead is a shot of my friend’s table, where we spent Thanksgiving. We had such a great time.

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