>mom-mode post #29 – on decorating for Christmas and my 27 weeks belly

November 29, 2009 § 4 Comments

> So there it is folks, my rounder-than-ever face and belly!Outfit courtesy of my sweet friends who are letting me borrow their maternity clothes. I came back home from Thanksgiving break with a suitcase full of cute outfits. So no worries, the world will not have to see me in maternity overalls. Unless I get too big for all the cute stuff I got.While in the big city, I also picked out materials for my baby’s curtains. You know, everything here starts with the curtains. So I figured I’d be cultural and do the same. I have no other piece of furniture. But I’m excited to finally get started in his room.A little bit homesick today. But it shall pass. ~ 27 weeks ~

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§ 4 Responses to >mom-mode post #29 – on decorating for Christmas and my 27 weeks belly

  • >round? you're joking, right? priscila, if i didn't see the bump (and know that little mr. smith is arriving soon) i'd have no idea. you look fabulous!

  • Laura says:

    >That sweater looks great on you!! You do look beautiful. Your Christmas tree is also looking festive and full of cheer!

  • Mom-mode says:

    >Thanks Allison. I wasn't joking, you should see me in person… Wait, you will! Yay for you coming! I loved that you called him mr. Smith. That's a good name for him while we try to decide…Thanks Laura! Really, thank you so much. I now have some cute stuff to face the COLD weather in!

  • d'radiofan says:

    >Yes! I'll just shorten it to the little mister! You are so cute! So happy for the clothes! Yea! I know they'll be days of homesickness, hopefully not as many as happy days in your new home.

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