>mom-mode # 37 – on resolutions and retrospectives

December 31, 2009 § Leave a comment


Like most things the media promotes, I cannot stand New Year’s Resolutions. I find them cheesy and pretty useless. Just another marketing tool for some new diet or gym. However, I thought maybe 2010 was the year I needed to make a list, just to prioritize my goals and whatnot. After all, this will be the year that forever changes my role in society and forever changes our little family of two to become three. I thought I just better get organized and set some goals. So we won’t call them resolutions, we’ll call them ” Goals I’d like to accomplish in 2010″. New to this whole setting “Goals I’d like to accomplish in 2010” thing, I could only come up with three, albeit monumental, simple ones: to know God more, to love my husband more and more and to become the best mom my flawed self could possibly be.I could add: drink less caffeine, but let’s face it, I wanted to set realistic goals, mind you. 🙂One thing I love to do this time of the year though, is to look back on the year that’s passed. If I could find Doc, enter his time-traveling Delorean and meet my January ’09 self, I don’t think I would have been able to grasp the amount of changes and turns my life would take this year. 2009 will forever be the year that changed our quiet little North Carolina-couple-without-kids life to plane-hopping-ex-pat-couple-with-baby-on-the-way life. I had a lot of dreams when was in high school. I never thought they would ever come to fruition. But here we are, living a life that one could have only dreamed of. Truth be told, dreams are dreams and reality is reality. So, although dreamy, our new place in life hasn’t been easy, nor simple. In fact, it is more complicated than I ever anticipated for it to be. But fret not, my soul ( I often tell myself this when I find that I can’t communicate well with someone here), the New Year is here and with it, the hope and faith I have in the One that came to save me. For He has never left me or forsaken me.Happy 2010. May it be happy and true.~32 weeks~( can you believe it? 8th month here we come!)

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