>mom-mode post # 40 – on how I’m not afraid and how I’m not going to miss my heavy belly!

January 24, 2010 § 6 Comments

>35 weeks going on 36 . One month left. I have a hospital bag ready and his room is practically finished (check out the photos for a sneak peek).
Maybe now I can just rest and wait for him to come. I am so tired and he’s SO heavy. That’s why I’m not going to miss my belly.:) I will, however, miss the sweet feeling of him kicking and screaming inside me. For soon thekicking and screaming outside of me will take place.
Many of my friends here asked me if I’m scared. I guess it’s a common thing for women here to be afraid of the pain in the delivery. Interestingly enough, I am not. Not anxious, not nervous. Just want him to stay put until my parents get here. Do you think I’ll make it to my due date?
Another friend here “measured” my belly and told me I still have time. Her measuring consisted in placing four fingers at the top of my belly — she could only fit three. Which means I haven’t dropped yet, according to her. We’ll see. 🙂

p.s.: We finally chose a name for our baby boy! Can you guess by the pictures?!? I’ll give you a hint: his first initial – O for… , his middle initial -G for Gray and his last initial – S for Smith.


>Mom-mode post # 39 – 34 weeks of “hugeness”

January 11, 2010 § 3 Comments


So I feel huge. But I guess that’s to be expected and it’s only about to get worse. People can definitely tell I’m pregnant now. My walk is not longer a walk, but a wobble. I no longer gracefully sit down, but simply just land on furniture. I get seats on the tram all the time now. Even if I insist that I’m only taking it to the next stop, they still get up and give me a seat. I happily oblige.At every mall or big store here, you have to go through a metal detector before you get in ( don’t ask me why). I had heard they usually let pregnant ladies go through without being scanned, but I have never been told I could. Today, the guy took one look at me and told me to use the side entrance.Everyone asks me when I’m due. I say February 25th as if it were still pretty far off. People respond with : “it’s coming!” Or the lovely: “not much left now!”That’s when I freak out and realize they are right. Next month, I will be a mom. The mother of a son. A child, a little ( well, generally speaking – we all know he won’t be little!) defenseless baby that I’m, along with hubby, fully responsible for. Ai caramba.

>mom-mode # 38 – on the song and dance of sleepless nights

January 3, 2010 § 8 Comments

>Yes, I knew they were coming. The sleepless nights, I was warned about them. It all started off small, around the 6th month. The song and dance between bathroom and bed was played only once or twice in the middle of the night. Slowly, they added a new act. The kitchen decided to join in the middle-of-the-night fun. I would either wake up thirsty or my blood sugar had dropped. None of it was a big deal, because after this little number I was able to easily fall back asleep. Until last night. I lost count of how many times I had to get out of bed. And each time I got back, I couldn’t find a comfortable position. It wasn’t until early morning that I was able to turn off this “preggo” symphony. I finally fell asleep. Thirty minutes later, the alarm went off. Should I assume it is only about to get worse?

Picture taken the first day of the year. An unusually warm and sunny day. Days like that, I like to go to the park and pretend I’m by the ocean. It was also very windy, hence the “blow out” effect.

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