>mom-mode # 38 – on the song and dance of sleepless nights

January 3, 2010 § 8 Comments

>Yes, I knew they were coming. The sleepless nights, I was warned about them. It all started off small, around the 6th month. The song and dance between bathroom and bed was played only once or twice in the middle of the night. Slowly, they added a new act. The kitchen decided to join in the middle-of-the-night fun. I would either wake up thirsty or my blood sugar had dropped. None of it was a big deal, because after this little number I was able to easily fall back asleep. Until last night. I lost count of how many times I had to get out of bed. And each time I got back, I couldn’t find a comfortable position. It wasn’t until early morning that I was able to turn off this “preggo” symphony. I finally fell asleep. Thirty minutes later, the alarm went off. Should I assume it is only about to get worse?

Picture taken the first day of the year. An unusually warm and sunny day. Days like that, I like to go to the park and pretend I’m by the ocean. It was also very windy, hence the “blow out” effect.

§ 8 Responses to >mom-mode # 38 – on the song and dance of sleepless nights

  • Rhonda says:

    >cute pic. i can't believe it was a warm day though. we have been FREEZING here!

  • >Happy New Year my dear!!!You look absolutely beautiful!Amigaaaa, ess verao to pensando seriamente em conhecer a Turquia, que tal? Saudades queridabeijos

  • momfessions says:

    >I love the preggo shots your friends took, priceless! It is so special to have pictures to remember this sweet time by!

  • Elisa says:

    >ta muito linda com tua barriguinha! muita saude neste ano novo, felicidades e bencaos de Deus!

  • Elisa says:

    >hehe quando eu tava enfrentando essas sleepless nights, outras moms me disseram que isso era so treino pra depois que o bebe nascesse… dai vc tem que acordar a cada 3 horas pra amamentar anyway! e eh verdade… 😉

  • >You still look great! When is your due date again? I wish I could hold him when he is born! Have a name yet?

  • Cynthia says:

    >Querida, enfrentei noites sem dormir, e sabendo do pouco que dormiria depois me dava uma agonia, até que aceitei: bom, se tinha que ser assim, então vamos nessa!!! Mas o último mês demora mais que os outros 8 meses, o cansaço de uma barriga pesada, e a vontade de nascer logo, pra conhecer o pequeno. Acho que você vai tirar de letra… hehehe e não vou te desanimar não, pelo contrário, você esquece todo cansaço, toda dor… graças a Deus!

  • Kati says:

    >fofaaaaaaaaaavc ta linda!!!!!! só consigo te achar ainda mais bonita com esse barrigão!!!!!!!!!adorei seus comentáriossssum super beijo de quem ta morrendoooo de saudades e curiosidade de ver o rostinho do baby!!lov u sis

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