>Mom-mode post # 39 – 34 weeks of “hugeness”

January 11, 2010 § 3 Comments


So I feel huge. But I guess that’s to be expected and it’s only about to get worse. People can definitely tell I’m pregnant now. My walk is not longer a walk, but a wobble. I no longer gracefully sit down, but simply just land on furniture. I get seats on the tram all the time now. Even if I insist that I’m only taking it to the next stop, they still get up and give me a seat. I happily oblige.At every mall or big store here, you have to go through a metal detector before you get in ( don’t ask me why). I had heard they usually let pregnant ladies go through without being scanned, but I have never been told I could. Today, the guy took one look at me and told me to use the side entrance.Everyone asks me when I’m due. I say February 25th as if it were still pretty far off. People respond with : “it’s coming!” Or the lovely: “not much left now!”That’s when I freak out and realize they are right. Next month, I will be a mom. The mother of a son. A child, a little ( well, generally speaking – we all know he won’t be little!) defenseless baby that I’m, along with hubby, fully responsible for. Ai caramba.


§ 3 Responses to >Mom-mode post # 39 – 34 weeks of “hugeness”

  • Patricia says:

    >I loved your outfit! I can actually imagine how cute and trendy my nephew will be!Miss u!;***

  • Elisa says:

    >no inicio eh mto overwhelming mesmo, mas depois de uns 2-3 meses, a gente comeca a tirar de letra! tudo de bom pra vcs! 🙂

  • >You still look great! I don't know if I told you, but my best friend is due Feb 27 with a boy, Brock. I just helped to host her baby shower this past weekend. It made Feb 27 seem a lot closer!!! I bet it is the same for you once that hits. Its been so much fun with Makenna, if I was pregnant tomorrow, I would not be sad or dreadful one little bit! The whole thing is soooo awesome!!

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