>mom-mode # 61 – on growing overnight

April 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

>I think Oliver gained a pound or two this past night. He just seemed so much heavier when I picked him up this morning. 😉

Interesting new facts:
– Oliver loves to smile! If he’s not tired or hungry, he will smile all the time. It’s so sweet.

– After not liking the swing for the first 8 weeks of his life, he now has decided he really likes it.

– He likes getting back and foot massages. ( But then again, who doesn’t?)

And here’s a quick snapshot of my two favorite guys!


>mom-mode post # 60 – on the neighborhood bazaar

April 22, 2010 § 3 Comments


I love the “randomness” of my neighborhood bazaar. Every Wednesday, with the excuse to buy cheap veggies for my family, I walk about two blocks to enter my most favorite thing to do in this city. I have yet to take pictures, but here is just a sample of the random things you can buy at the bazaar on any given Wednesday:
A “marka” (aka name-brand) t-shirt for about 2 dollars. This one is from H&M. And it’s NOT a fake.

A hair thingy ( what are these things called?) for 1 dollar.

The most delicious strawberries I’ve ever tasted for about 50 cents a pound!

Replacement for my real (now broken) Wayfarers, 5 bucks.

Pretty fabric for about 2 dollars a yard.
Pretty sweet, I tell ya.

>mom-mode post # 58 – on growing up too fast

April 18, 2010 § 2 Comments



My little ham was 7 weeks old yesterday. It’s not like he’s off to college or getting married yet. But let me get corny and say: They grow up SO FAST!

I was putting away a coat yesterday and found one of his little hats in my pocket. It’s a wool hat, so he won’t be wearing it anymore. Next winter it will be too small. I must confess I cried a little when I realized it. They grow up too fast indeed. May I take in every little hug, every little smile, every little cry. May I cherish him and always take the time to cuddle ( and let the laundry pile up)for soon he will not fit ever so cozy in my lap.:)

p.s.: Motherhood (aka lack of sleep) has made my brain stop working. Hubby called me out on the fact that I’ve numbered some of my most recent posts wrong. So from now on, in order to make my life easier,I am just going to give my posts random numbers.:)

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>mom-mode # 56 – Laundry much?

April 13, 2010 § Leave a comment



I’m SO there.

Okay so people warned me that laundry was going to pile up after you have a baby. I thought they meant the baby’s laundry. No one told me ours (mine and hubby’s) would increase also. Interesting how this tiny little being has the capacity of dirtying up (spit up and other things) a whole lot of clothes.

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>mom-mode # 55 – on going to the mall

April 13, 2010 § 2 Comments



Dressed like a little dude ( and looking a like a lil’rascall) to go to the mall with mommy. I love this kiddo.

(on a side note, what in the world is going on with his hair?)

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>mom-mode post # 64 – on what to wear AFTER your baby is born

April 9, 2010 § 5 Comments


Let’s talk about fashion, shall we?
I know, I know, this is supposed to be a blog about baby O. and stuff. So then why are we talking about fashion? Well, mainly because no one told me that my outfits were going to have to change in order to accommodate my new mom lifestyle. Not just because I’d have spit up all over my silk J.Crew top, but also for comfort and practicality.
Granted, the first few days (or weeks?) you may be living in your pajamas, and you won’t see a need for styling. But trust me, there will come the day you will go stir crazy inside the house and eventually you may want to go out and well, your pre-pregnancy  wardrobe may not be the best choice (or you may not be able to get into them just yet!).
No, this is not 1999 and I am by no means advocating for moms to wear velor track suits or the so-called “mommy jeans” and tennis shoes. If you’re still wearing them, put them away, right now. In the name of comfort, so many of us settle for the simple and plain, but for the tired and under-slept mamas out there, a cute outfit may just be the energy booster they need.
I recently had baby and all I’m saying is that lately I found myself in a fashion dilemma. For one, five weeks in after my baby was born, I’m not quite back in my old skinny jeans (will I ever?).  But also, although I want to be a stylish mama, I realize that a turtle neck dress may not be the most practical choice for a breastfeeding mom.
And even if you’re not breastfeeding, you still need easy stylish practicality.
So here are a few styling but comfortable tips that I’ve come to realize in the past five weeks:
–          Get a few “in between” sizes pants. Nothing wrong with the maternity pants. But trust me, you will feel and look much better in pants you can actually button.
–          Wear lots of button downs. Borrow it from your husband’s closet and cinch it at the waist with a sash or a belt. For these provide “easy access” for the breastfeeding mom.
–          Flats, wear cute ballet flats. They add style to your outfit and are still comfortable. Plus they elongate your silhouette, making you look slimmer. I know tennis shoes are comfortable, but flats are so much more feminine.Seriously save your tennis shoes for when your doctor releases you to work out again.
–          Accessorize! Perhaps you may have to give your necklaces a break (I’m still fighting this one, but my 5 week old has almost broken one so…). Headbands are a great way to accessorize and hold your hair in place. A nice chunky bracelet or statement earrings are a way to show that you’ve put some effort into getting ready. Your hubby will appreciate it.
          Cardigans are a must. They can add color to an all-black ensemble or slim-down a baggy maternity top.
          Everyone has these cute “embellished” tee-shirts for spring now. Old Navy, the Loft, you name it. The beauty of these is that they still are just as comfy as a tee, but have a cute feminine appeal to it.
–          Finally, stick to two-piece ensembles. Dresses are great, but despite the fact that they do not provide “easy access” for the breastfeeding mom, if you get spit up on them, you have to change the whole outfit. If you are wearing a top and a bottom, all you have to do is just change the top or bottom if your little one spits-up, or if you get wet while giving them a bath or if your little boy pees on you…
So that’s it friends. Keep it simple, keep it clean (for the most part!) and keep it stylish!

>mom-mode # 54 – today i’m at….

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>Hello friends, today I’m paying a visit to my sweet friend Sheila @ My Busy Home
Go check it out!

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