>mom-mode post # 90 – on a little growing perspective

August 2, 2010 § Leave a comment


O @ 2 weeks of life (and then)
O @ 5 months (now)

Now and then:
Boy oh boy how life has changed. Os is a growing, active, smiling little baby boy. No longer a sleepy, hungry little newborn.
Then he used to eat every two hours, was still learning the difference between night and day and I felt like so inadequate as a new mommy. Learning everything from taking care of a belly button, giving him a bath and what was the most adequate feeding position.
Now he eats some solids ( with gusto!), thrives on his daily routine and I don’t feel quite so inadequate anymore. We are on a groove, O and I. I know him more and more each day. And with every new week hew develops a new little cry, a new little trick, a sweet new smile.:) Hubby and I are just so in love with this little guy with his chubby legs and toothless smile.

Here’s to what five months can bring. A new perspective in life. Life is most definitely different, most definitely challenging, most definitely wonderful.


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