>mom-mode post #96 – on ten things I love about you

August 28, 2010 § 1 Comment


“What do you mean I don’t get to eat my cake?”

In celebration of my sweet son’s 1/2 birthday, I decided to write ten things I love about him. Now mind you, the list could go on for days, so that’s why I’ve chosen only ten. So when time flies by again and I forget what he was like at 6 months, I can come back here and reminisce. Behold, the-ten-things-I-love-about-you-list:

1. The two little indentions that form on each side of your face when you smile. Your dimples are my favorite and I know that  someday they will swoon a girl or two with that boyish charm of yours.
2. Your smile. How it lights up your face, wide opened toothless mouth, a twinkle on your eye. How it is always genuine, never fake.
3. Your early morning quiet babbles. Your  tiny little voice, trying to tell us about your dreams ( or so I think). Your positive morning disposition is inspiring and it makes it for a lovely start of the day, no strong coffee needed.
4. The soft cuddles after you are all bathed in smelly goodness, ready for bed. Probably my favorite part of our day.
5. Your pursed lips when examining something new. You press both lips together and frown your little eyebrows enthralled by the new textures and sounds. No small detail goes unnoticed.
6. Your unruly hair. Although it may drive your uber style-conscious mother crazy when it just chooses to stick up and not go where the comb takes it. In so many ways, you are your hair. Your firecracker-y personality shines through every unruly strand.
7. No matter where or what you may be doing when mommy or daddy enter the room, you look right up. Usually offering up the sweetest of smiles.
8. When you are asleep. The way you just look so peaceful and rested. Some days I fight the urge to go in your room just to watch you sleep. ‘Cause you are just toooo cute.
9. Your roll-y, wobbly bits. Can I just say yum?!?
10. The sweetest most contagious sounding laugh. Your daddy makes funny noises and faces and you just die laughing. Oh how I love the sight and sounds of you two playing together.

Apologies for the over-indulgent post, but I just needed to make sure these special little things are never ever deleted from my mommy memory.


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