>mom-mode post #103 – on losing the fat and the flab #update#

October 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

>So I promised weekly updates, well, here I am.

the diet: I ate a healthy breakfast everyday but today.;) I have watched my portions and tried to eat mindfully as well as watch for signs of true hunger. There’s still room for improvement though.
the exercise: with the babe getting over jet lag, I  had a harder time with this one. I did the dvds four days this week and went for walks most days. No running yet, my foot still doesn’t feel one hundred percent, so I chose the lower impact dvds and walks instead. Maybe next week!
the loss: about 2.2 lbs. 
Not bad, but could be better… Stay tuned!

>mom-mode post #102 – on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

October 13, 2010 § 2 Comments


To say that my stomach was all tied up in a knot would be an understatement. I was nervous, but I was prepared. Very prepared. I had memorized ALL one hundred questions, not one was left unanswered. I listened to the audio study guide repeatedly on the long 7-hour trip there. Even the husband learned a new thing or two about Susan B. Anthony. Now questions was, were they  prepared? 
They had made many mistakes before. Even last week they made a mistake. We found out they had scheduled our appointment on Columbus Day, a federal holiday. We rescheduled. However, if we hadn’t called, what would have happened? 
We got there early and went to our usual waiting spot, Panera Bread. I had my usual bacon and spinach soufflé and all kinds of jitters. I kept holding myself together, afraid, very afraid of fainting again.
There was no one else in the waiting room. Just the two of us, nervously pacing the room, wondering if they had made a mistake again. After all, this place is usually packed with peoples from all over the world. Not this time. It was just us, my knotted stomach and the receptionist. Fifteen minutes late, out comes a gray-haired man, all smiles and friendly. This could be really good or really bad, I apprehensively thought. He was very unlike most of our usual USCIS officers. We did some small talk, signed some papers and finally go to the portion I’d been studying so hard for. Out of the one hundred questions they give you to study, they only ask you ten and you only need to know six. 
I’m quite sure they are not allowed to show bias but our friendly little old man didn’t seem to care. At every question he asked, he made little snide remarks that showed us very clear what were his political leanings. Kinda helped calm my nerves down. You know when back in college you had studied the whole book but the professor only asked about the first chapter?  That’s how it felt as I finished answering my questions. I could’ve answered questions about U.S. politics and history all the day long, if I had to. I was way over-prepared. The final part of the test that sealed the stamp of approval? The written part that had me answer the question: “When is Columbus Day?”. Oh, the irony of it all.
While they prepared the official-looking documents,we waited some more, then we were taken into the oath room. Before my very “large” audience of one very supportive husband, I said my oath. In a matter of minutes it was all over with. I kinda missed out on the huge crowds of the usual naturalization ceremonies. I didn’t even get to say the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the Star-spangled banner. They did give me a super nifty “Welcome to America” packet that includes a miniature American flag and a letter signed by the President. Woot woot.
And just like that, I became an American citizen. Now friends, if you excuse me, I’m off to live life, enjoy some liberty and purse me some happiness.
Curious about what questions I was asked? Read on and see if you would have passed:
  1. Name one branch or part of the government.
  2. We elect a U.S. Senator for how many years?
  3. If both the President and the Vice President can no longer serve, who becomes President?
  4. What does the President’s Cabinet do?
  5. How many justices are on the Supreme Court?
  6. What did the Declaration of Independence do?

>mom-mode post #101 – on losing the fat and the flab

October 4, 2010 § 3 Comments


New haircut and my little O – photo by Daniel Smith
So the time has come folks. When I can no longer blame my jelly-like belly to pregnancy pounds. Let’s face it, I can’t even blame it on “baby weight” either. Although O was a big baby, after I had him and all the fluids left my body, I was still left bulging out of my pants.
I’ve had a few bumps on the road that have kept me from jumping right on “the lose the weight after six weeks” wagon. Life as new mom in a new culture was quite overwhelming for me, so I didn’t get a handle on exercise until O was 4 months old. Don’t get me wrong, we would go for walks and whatnot. But real exercise didn’t start until then. I started running again and was working my way into running an 8k in October. BUT as life would have it, I broke my foot and it all came to a screeching halt.  
As I’ve mentioned here, people lie. You don’t shed all your weight by nursing. Some people might, but I have MOST certainly not!
As far as diet goes, adjusting to new portions and fat/sugar content in foods in a new culture hasn’t been as simple as I thought. Throw in my hypoglycemia and picky taste buds and you have one crazy not-so-healthy diet. 
Next week, when we get back to Turkey I’ll have to OK to exercise again. So, dear friends, I’m publicly committing to lose this flab, once and for all.
The goal: Everybody has a number, and my number is to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight by December 31st, 2010. And get back into my wedding weight by February 2011. But if I get to comfortably fit back into my skinny jeans, I’ll be a happy mama.
The diet: MAJOR portion control and a eat a heart-healthy breakfast EVERYDAY ( none of this cup of coffee and I’m good to go nonsense)
The exercise: 30-day shred AND couch to 5k app.
The accountability: weekly updates on here

Wish me luck everybody!

This is the most current picture of my growing behind and my once-flat stomach

>mom-mode post #100 – on writing 100 posts and the baby sitter from the future.

October 2, 2010 § Leave a comment


The day before we traveled was a very busy, hectic, insane kind of day. The hub was out running errands, I was up to here in piles of laundry and suitcases. And O was busy teething. So in the midst of chaos, I sat O on the kitchen floor with a few toys, in an desperate attempt to get a few things done before nap time. A quiet minute goes by and as I surprisingly look down, there she was, a new baby sitter was born: the washing machine. O was so intrigued and mesmerized by the swishes and swashes of this strange apparatus. He just sat there in the soft morning light, quiet as could be. I couldn’t help but call D to get a picture of him like that. So precious our little boy is. Teething, flying, jet lagging and all.

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