>mom-mode post #105 – on losing the weight and the flab #frustration#

November 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

>So it has only been a couple of weeks I’ve already hit a major plateau… In my defense, I’ve started teaching again, we’ve had guests and… well, I’ve just failed to get my life together in order to exercise! AND it rained non-stop last week, so I could not even go on walks with O.
Truth be told, I realize my goals may be too lofty. So I may just have to stay content with however much I  do lose (as long as I’m losing…) and not focus so much on the numbers on scale.

SO here’s this week’s lo-down:

the diet: I still ate a healthy breakfast most mornings, but didn’t do such a swell job with the portions and/or quality of what I ate. Life was just hectic.I just made do. Sue me.

the exercise: still did my DVDs. I only did it a few times though. Jillian Michaels kills me. I’m so weak.

the loss: 1 lb. That’s right, one little pound. Oh well.

As I adjust to my new schedule a bit more, I hope to do a little bit better next week. We will see…


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