>mom-mode post #109 – on losing the weight and the flab #update#

November 12, 2010 § Leave a comment


I can’t believe it’s Friday again. This week has flown! I’m not complaining though because after this weekend we get the whole week off from teaching! So excited. And the faster time goes by, the faster my sweet sister will be here. 
So here are this week’s stats:
the diet: I did fairly OK on this end. Kept portions small, tried to eat good-for-me stuff and only ate when I was hungry. Breakfast was a different story though. O woke up extra early most mornings this week. I just can’t eat that early. So it was just a bit harder to keep up the heart-healthy breakfast deal.
the exercise: again, still adjusting to my new schedule (it seems to change every other day – drives me crazy), so I was able to do a couple of days of DVDs and went on a couple of walks. Also, chasing my baby boy crawling and teaching preschoolers kept my heart-rate going!
the weight: minus 2.2 lb. I’m pretty content with this week’s weight loss. I still may not be able to meet my goal by Dec.31st, but at least I’m losing weight steadily…
Stay tuned for next week! I should have more time to exercise. I’ve been craving a really intense workout session like a spinning class or a good run. I’ll see what I can manage.:)

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