>mom-mode post #110 – on O’s current favorite things

November 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

>I am known for having a very good memory. You know, the kind that never forgets what happened ten, fifteen years ago. That stores useless trivia information, the kind that drove my sisters crazy when I would proceed to describe exactly what happened on a cold July afternoon. I tend to remember every minute detail, even though I may forget to get the clothes in the washer way more often than I’d like to admit. But just in case one day I suffer amnesia and forget what were O’s favorite things when he was eight and half months of age, here they are:

– his most favorite activity right now is top crawl up and down the hallway. He has his favorite stops: the hallway mirror, the guest bedroom door, his bedroom and the office. 
– whole-wheat pancakes have become a breakfast staple.
– as well as scrambled egg yolks for dinner. 
– his favorite sound to make? A clicking sound he makes with his tongue. And he smiles if you do it back at him.
– standing. Anywhere, everywhere, anyhow.
– he used to cry himself to sleep. Now he talks himself to sleep. We go by his room after we put him down and here him blabbing away until he’s out.
– pulling up on mommy’s or daddy’s pants.
– his favorite toy? a vintage Disney jack-in-the-box toy his Gram found for him, just like his daddy’s.
– parks. Any kind of park. As long as he’s outside.
– his favorite game? He cracks up when we play horse or peek-a-boo. Or tickle monster. 
His current not so favorite thing? Grass. He doesn’t like the texture of it at all. But we are working on that. We know we are currently raising him in the city, but a boy that doesn’t like grass just won’t make it in Galax, VA. I really do hope he will like sand. Because a boy who doesn’t like sand just won’t make it in Florianopolis, Brazil.

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