>mom-mode post #116 – on O’s current favorite things

December 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

>O has never been the kind of baby that you wondered what kind of personality he was going to have. From day one, he showed us loud and clear that he was no wallflower and that he came into our lives to add a few more sparkles with his firecracker-y personality.This month though, I have seen his little personality blossom even more, as he interacts with us even more and as he bonds with his aunt and uncle. It’s been a fun ride:

– O has found a love for dancing. He loves dancing to Jingle Bells and the opening credits of Gilmore Girls.
– He has found my new keyboards and he is in love with it. So much so, he will stand under it and beg for us to get him up to play. His favorite music to make: the special effects key. To which he normally starts bouncing up and down as he gets into the beat. I have yet to catch it on film. But I hope to do it soon. I think we may have a musician in the making.
– Clapping. He’s learned to clap and if he’s happy, he will do it all the long for ya.
– Playing by himself. This started recently. He started waking up from his naps or in the mornings, and instead of crying for us to come get him, he would just sit there, playing in his crib. This has been one of the most interesting developments for me so far. To see him slowly growing more and more independent from us.
– So independent so that now that he can get himself anywhere he wants to get to, he doesn’t feel like he needs to be in the same room as us (scary, I know). I have followed him many a time crawling to our bedroom to play.
– He goes to our bedroom because he has found our floor-length curtains. He lets out little squeaks of joy as he lets the materials drape over his cute little face.
– He has lost a lot of his interest on food. All he wants to is to explore the world. No stone left unturned.

And I love my little explorer, even if every room he goes by looks like a tornado aftermath.:)

awesome photography done by the brother-in-law. Look at those little teeth!

§ 2 Responses to >mom-mode post #116 – on O’s current favorite things

  • d'radiofan says:

    >Independence–Today a different room; tomorrow a different city; next week a different state; next month a different country! So for today enjoy your precious little one for all he's worth, time passes way to quickly.

  • Mom-mode says:

    >SO TRUE. I remind myself everyday of it. And take in all the baby goodness our baby has to give! ;))) I can only imagine how you must feel with D so far away and now O as well.

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