>mom-mode post #129 – on the swimming pool

March 22, 2011 § 4 Comments


Pardon the overdose on posts about Brazil, but we were having so much fun, we just took a bazillion pictures. And since this little blog serves as journal for the days of old, when my memory will fail me, I wanted to make sure I registered those special moments we had.
Speaking of special:
O was a bit timid with the pool at first. Kinda like he is with most things in life. He starts off slowly, proceeds with caution.

And then he will either abhor it forever or, more often than not, he will fall whole-heartily in love and passionately embrace the new.

                                        Tio Bruno and tia Va got him to put his feet in first…

                Next thing we knew, he was splashing all over the place. He didn’t want to leave.

Neither did I. I don’t think I had ever seen my child smile this widely and get this excited about something.
I’ve said it before, but one of the best things about this whole motherhood thing (year 2!) has been discovering the world again through the eyes of my little boy. And what  fun world it is, when you are a 1 year old, discovering a swimming pool for the first time.


>mom-mode post #128 – on the birthday party

March 13, 2011 § Leave a comment


I remember looking at pictures of my first birthday party and feel so loved by mom. Her attention to detail  was so visible, everything made by her or my aunts’ own hands. I wanted O’s first birthday party to have the same feel. Small, intimate, simple and homemade. We had the party in my parent’s home, almost everything was made by me or my sisters. What we couldn’t make, we ordered from small local business.We kept the guest list to family only. Like I said on my other post, Oliver had the most fun. I hope many years from now he can look at these pictures and just feel the love!

My aunt ordered these delicious Brazilian homemade candy from a lady that lives near her. They were not only beautiful but delicious. And they just had a ‘vintage birthday party’ feel to them. 
My mom found this ‘old school’ candy holder. Growing up,
no party would be complete without one of these!
tia Paty made the delicious and traditional Brazilian cake, nega maluca.
tio Bruno took this picture and I cut it and tied a ribbon to resemble a bookmark. Guests were asked to bring books in Portuguese for gifts. We gave these out as party favors!

The cake and cupcakes, simple and understated. Just like I wanted.


We also filled with cupcakes, m&m’s and jello (another childhood party must-have).
Photo booth props.

Trying out the photo booth!
Putting the decor up.

Simple wall decor – I cut out circles from scrapbook paper and made these tissue pompoms.
The cake table all lit up and the handsome birthday boy!
Earlier in the day, my dad and tio Bruno cooked up a delicious Brazilian steak lunch for everybody.

Birthday boy enjoying some fun in the sun, poolside.

>mom-mode post #127 – on the birthday boy

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Our baby O is one. And I’m out of words to express the sheer joy that this year has brought to us. He is this fun-loving, dance to the beat of any music, intense, passionate, funny kinda guy. We love him so much. Now I leave you with pictures of the most adorable little one year old EVER. (it’s true, he is, check it for yourself)

A little overwhelmed by all the singing.

little cousins loving on O

That’s how much your mama and dada love you baby. That’s how much.

proud grandparents celebrating with O!

Does it have chocolate in it? Then I love it mommy!

silliness with mama and my titias

first time I met my tia Va. She awesomely crazy!

how big is Oliver? He is one!!!!

not quite walking yet… But I can hold my own!!!

I think I will go down in history as the only one-year-old who thoroughly enjoyed his party. 

>mom-mode post #126 – on the magic of coming home

March 12, 2011 § 1 Comment


To say we had the time of our lives would be an understatement. Brazil was awesome. 
There’s just something slightly magical about being near the water… My heart beats a little slower, following the rhythm of the waves. And an overwhelming feeling of peace and awe filled my heart, the minute I saw my little island from the plane. Awe for this magical little place on Earth that God created. One can’t help but think, what  a marvelous God we serve, creation screams of His glory and majesty. 
There’s just something slightly magical about coming back to a place you called home for so long. But there’s something even more magical about enjoying all of your favorite Brazilian things through the eyes of your one year old. 
My brother-in-law (www.brunomessina.com.br) took these pictures of us. He captured so well, this feeling of freedom and home we felt while we were in Brazil. This is one of my favorite places to go. You take a little 10-minute boat ride (which O just couldn’t get enough of!) to get to this salt water lakeside seafood restaurant. They serve the freshest shrimp there. So yummy.
Our little family. We had such a beautiful time with the fam and God’s creations.

I got to sing baby O to sleep while looking out to the most gorgeous view ever. If I could freeze a moment in time, this would be it.
O practicing his steps. He was having just so much fun!

>mom-mode post #125 – on how the ergo saved the trip

March 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

>Just a quick note about our flights to and from Brazil. All I have to say is that alongside some much appreciated prayers, the ergo was the most life-saving tool we took on this trip!

It was there when O needed sleep and just couldn’t get comfortable on the plane. It was there when my arms were about to go numb from holding my 10 and some kilo baby. The ergo was there when I needed to help the husband with bags. I tell you the ergo MADE this trip.
We also took to heart some great advice. We packed lots of small toys wrapped in gift wrap for O to unwrap when the novelty of being in a plane had started to wear off. We just went with the flow. When he was tired he slept, when he was hungry he ate. No schedules. Just being there to meet his needs. We also packed his favorite snacks and loaded our ipods with fun new apps. 
During our layover, we let O crawl around an empty corner at the Madrid airport. He was so cute, pushing his red car around, getting all-dirty and most importantly, getting some energy out. The trick worked. By the time we boarded, the boy was wiped out!
After a few rough trips last year, this trip helped me regain my love for flying and duty-free shops at the airport. That’s how easy this trip was. You see, I’ve always had these little travel rituals that made my trips fun and exciting. After we had O, I thought those days were over. But this time, things were as smooth as they get when travelling with an infant. Praise God. And thanks to my wonderful husband who is just best partner a girl can ask.
Check back soon for O’s first birthday pictures and some Brazil pics as well!!!

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