mom-mode post #146 – on what i wore wednesdays

June 30, 2011 § 5 Comments

I love fashion blogs and have a ton saved on Google Reader, and although I don’t plan to turn this little mommy space into a fashion blog, I’ve been really enjoying seeing other moms posting their outfits on The Pleated Poppy. So I thought I’d join in the movement with a “what i wore wednesdays – Rome edition”. Here you go:

p.s.: I don’t think these outfits were all that great, we were traveling, there was no iron, and I was going mostly for stylish comfort. I was very happy to get to wear shorts, since we don’t see much of that in these parts of the world!


Dress, Target/ Pashmina, local bazar


shirt, local bazar/shorts, made from husband's old jeans/ sandals, Madden Girl/ sunglasses, Accesorize/ necklace, Forever 21


Dress, Mudo/ Hat, Outside market in Rome/ Bag, Nine West



Hat, outside market/ shirt, local bazar/ pants, Mango


Shirt, Target/ skirt, Stradivarius - added the green hem/ necklace, self made/ shoes, Toms


shirt, Target/ skirt, boutique in Brazil/ sunglasses, Accesorize/ belt, Goodwill


mom-mode post #145 – on a momfession

June 30, 2011 § 2 Comments


Is there still time for a mid-week momfession? Thursday is still mid-week (ish) right?

Good. ‘Cause I have to get this off my chest. I untag myself on unflattering pictures that people post on Facebook. Call me superficial, but it’s the truth. I just got done untagging myself and felt like I needed to momfess. So there it is. Next time you tag me in a ‘fat’ picture, you better know you will be untagged!


mom-mode post #144 – on traveling to Rome with a toddler, part three

June 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

If you are traveling to Rome with a toddler, chances are you will need his auntie to go with you. (if you caught the ‘If you give mouse a cookie’ pattern, you deserve together yourself a cookie!) We were blessed to have the husband’s only sister come join us for this trip. She arrived early Saturday morning packed with a talking cat app ( a life saver during long waits at restaurants), lots of patience and lots of love. All of her great help were crucial for O’s great behavior during our journey through Rome.
That Saturday O woke us up a little early than usual, so we decided to make the most out of that early morning. The streets of Rome at dawn are empty and perfect fora little boy explorer. We let him roam, climb, run while I took all of that gorgeous architecture in and the husband took pictures. I truly recommend an early morning visit to the Fontana di Trevi. It is almost deserted, and beautiful. Probably one of my favorite spots we visited. Roman Holiday may or may not have anything to do with this.

Breakfast was my favorite breakfast combo ever: cappuccino, croissant and fresh squeezed OJ. It tastes especially great when had on an outside table by cobble stoned street.

After walking around some more we stumbled upon the Pantheon, probably one of the most breathtaking architecture I have ever seen. To think that it was built so many years ago is even more impressive.

Lunch was pizza and by the time dinner came around we were stuffed. So we settled for a light dinner of gelato. We found this perfect gelateria, that let you have three flavors of gelatto plus cream on top for the price of a small. The deal though, was to think up just the right flavor combo before you reached the counter. I often fell victim of ‘counter block’, meaning by the time I battled out the crowds and reached the impatient guys ready to serve out my gelatto, I just shouted out whatever gelato flavors came to mind, resulting in a fruity plus chocolate combination. Which is not deal, by the way. But it still tasted great.

We capped off the night with a date a top of the spanish steps, gorgeous sunset and the perfect company. Our date was of course, courtesy of auntie Rhonda, who needed to catch up on some sleep with O.

All in all, it was what I like to call a fabulous Roman Holiday.


Fontana di Trevi


Fun with aunt Rhonda


See what I


O couldn


Empty streets, a toddler playground.



date night!


now that's what I call a cuppa


On getting in on the gelato action




new header courtesy of my friend Sheila who blogs @, isn’t she talented? I love it!

mom-mode post #143- on pretty paper

June 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you know me well, you are familiar with my stationary stores obsession. It may come from my dad, the one who collects all kinds of pens and always had to go by a store to check out the latest pens out there. And for a doctor, he has beautiful crafted handwriting, which instilled in me a love for pens and calligraphy. He always carries around a pen and a notebook, in case of emergencies.
Or it could come from going school-supply shopping with my mom. Going through rows and rows of notebooks and picking just the right one. Then going through rows and rows of pretty paper to pick just the right one to cover all of my notebooks and books.
However the origin of my infatuation, truth is, whenever I see a store that sells stationary, I have to go in. Although my current city offers plenty of good shopping, it is severely lacking in the stationary department.
So you can only imagine my delight when I first spotted this uber cool stationary store only mere steps from our hotel! Immediately as I went in I knew I was going to want everything in the store. If you like wrap gifts like me (nerdy, I know) they had the most gorgeous design wrapping paper, bags and tissues. They had greetings cards, pens and party supplies. And they also had tons of unlined notebooks ( a pet peeve of mine, all of my notebooks must not be lined) as well as the most gorgeous blank note cards I have ever seen.
Of course I went back more than once to just take in all that beautiful paper. Needless to say, I was in pretty paper heaven.


mom-mode post #142- on traveling to Rome with a toddler, part two

June 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Our trip started with a long car ride to Istanbul and from there we took a short flight to Rome. We followed all the usual tips for traveling with an energetic boy. We had plenty of snacks, new small toys to be unwrapped in case of extreme boredom and Blue’s Clues. At the airport, we found an empty area and just let him run off all the wiggles. This time he found those moving walkaways and learned how to go on it backwards. It was a great workout! The flight went smoothly, although he never fell asleep until we were about the land. Overall, O behaved like the seasoned traveler that he is.:)
Italy welcomed us with open arms, our immigration official didn’t even look at us, as he kept talking with his co-worker in that lovely italian cadence and stamped our passports. Probably the easiest entry I’ve ever had in any country. Even my own. There were not even any lines!
We hopped on our shuttle and just took in the scenery as we rode to our hotel. Some Michael Buble playing on the radio, the beautiful green trees turned into beautiful designer stores and soon we arrived at our modest yet family friendly hotel.
We stayed at a great location, near the Spanish Steps. The hotel, more like a pension, was a humble but quant little place with a friendly and helpful staff. They had a travel crib ready for O (we checked before we left) and were overall very accommodating of anything we needed. We could either walk or take the metro to anywhere we  wanted to go. It was just right!


Spanish Steps, late afternoon

Spanish Steps around 5 o’clock is the busiest time. Wake up early and you get a great empty shot.

We dropped our things off at the hotel and went for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. This time of day, late afternoon, our area was very busy and crowded. We found the Fontana di Trevi, but it was impossible to even get a shot, that’s how crowded it was on a Friday afternoon. We found a restaurant nearby and ordered our first wonderfully carb-filled meal (of many more to come). O couldn’t have enough of the fettuccine bolognese. The beauty of most roman restaurants is that they always have outside tables, which made it easy to take O for walks while we waited for our food. He loved exploring every little inch of the streets of Rome!


First taste of italian food, success!


Spanish Steps, early morning


Area near our hotel, great shopping


all photos were taken by my talented husband:

mom-mode post #141 – on Father’s Day

June 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

 – fun dad

detail-oriented, take charge dadthoughtful dad

image by

photographer dad (photo by Bruno Messina)


mama-loving dad

friend dad

teacher dad

Happy Father’s Day to the husband. O is so blessed to have you as his “dada”, and I am even more blessed to get to do this with you. Hear you both laughing together is one of the greatest joys of my life.



>mom-mode post #140 – on moving to

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We have moved!!!

Come see me at

Thanks guys!

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