>mom-mode post #136 -on "anneanneler’ and ‘babaanneler’

June 3, 2011 § 2 Comments


Every morning after we get breakfast and get out of our pjs, O and I head to the park.
This time of day is perfect for a little toddler learning the ropes of the playground. The big bully kids are off to school, which makes the job easier for this mama.
Yesterday another little kiddo joined us at the park, only a few months older than O. He had two older ladies with him. I quickly assumed one of them was his grandma. We started chatting and that’s when I realized that this lucky little boy was being swung by not only his anneanne (grandma from mom’s side) but also by his babaanne (grandma from dad’s side). They told me about how his mother works, so they get to keep everyday, all day while she’s out. Friends, I can’t lie to you, but my hear just sank a little. Because right now I can only dream of a day when O will be flanked side by side by his babaanne( gram) and his anneanne (vovo). I am blessed to get to stay home with my boy, yet when I saw that scene my heart just got a little blue for O. I guess I just get all sentimental when it comes to grandparental relationships. As my daddy lost his parents while still in college and my mama’s parents were of old age and health by the time I came along. That little boy at the park, loved (and a little spoiled) by his two grandmas, reminded me of my own lack of grandmas. I’m so thankful that O is so blessed to have two of the best women I will ever know as his grandmas. Here’s my prayer that someday he will get to go to the park with both of his grandmas in tow.
to Gram and Vovo: you guys rock.


§ 2 Responses to >mom-mode post #136 -on "anneanneler’ and ‘babaanneler’

  • >Realmente ter as duas vós por perto é coisa de privilegiados! Cresci longe de uma delas e a de perto não era muito presente, rsrs, faz parte.Respondi tua pergunta por email, recebeste?Bjos!!

  • Gram says:

    >One day he will, there will come a time when Oliver is not too old to go to the park either in the US or Brazil and both Gram & Vovo will take him to the park. In the meantime, I do cry for the day to happen! Sometime's it's so hard when I see my friends and fellow church folks with their grandchildren, happy for them but sends me straight to the blues.

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