mom-mode post #160 – on an ode to a paci

September 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

It started off innocently enough. O needed something to calm him down that wasn’t just his mommy. Someone had given us a variety of pacis as a baby shower gift. We tried a few different ones and this is the one he chose:

10 days old

The paci was with him through many important moments. It was with him as he learned how to self soothe and fall asleep on his own. It was with him as we went through two trips to America, one trip to Brazil, one trip to Rome and many a trip around the beautiful country of Turkey. And the inevitable jet lag.

12 months old

10 months old

These days he only uses it when taking naps and going to bed at night. But still, for 18 solid months, after losing many other pacis, this was the only left to tell the story. This past weekend our beloved pacifier ripped and it had to be thrown away. Pardon my overly sentimental actions, but I had to make sure I took a picture of it. For posterity, you know. For when O becomes all grown-up and famous, the world will know of his most treasured possessions as a baby.

We bought new pacis though, as we are not ready to wean him off just yet. Although it would have been the perfect time to say goodbye to our paci habit, our family will be going through a few transitions in the next few weeks. We thought best not to mess with it. It took a few tries. He would put the new paci in his mouth, take it off, put it back on, until he finally realized that his old paci just didn’t work anymore. As I throw this litlte piece of babyhood memento away, I realize how fast time slips by. My baby O is no longer a baby. He is a full-blown toddler boy. I couldn’t be more excited about this new stage!


mom-mode post #159 – on just dance

September 16, 2011 § 8 Comments

We don’t own a Wii. In fact we don’t own any game consoles. The first and last one I’ve ever owned was Sega consoled called Megadrive. Yes, I am that old. My sisters and I got it as a collective Christmas present. I played with it for a week straight and then never played it again.

I have never even been mildly excited about the idea of owning a Wii until this:

Our friends were playing the Just Dance for Kids game. Oliver just couldn’t get enough. Even I got in on the fun. Wait, did I just say that a video game was fun? Who knew?

mom-mode post #158- on what I’m into this month

September 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

On what I’m into this month – September 2011

on my nightstand – I’ve succumb to the hype and read “The Help”. Even though it was surrounded with a bit of controversy, I still loved it. It was a fast and engaging read. I could barely put it down. I’ve also started to read “Shepherding a Child’s heart”, “Don’t make me count to three!” as well as “The New Strong-willed child”. Are you sensing a trend? Yeah, I’m there.

in my Bible – Meditating on John 15 these days.

on my television – Alongside with my obsessions with HGTV Design Star and Project Runway, the husband and I have been on a House marathon these days.

in my kitchen – Fruit Roll-ups. It takes a long time, but oh so worth it.

in my ears – I recently found ‘TODDLERS’ station on Pandora. Perfect for impromptu toddler dance parties.

in my closet – it’s more like on my nails. I’m obsessed with this nail polish. Gearing up for fall!

mom-mode post #157 – on a multilingual update

September 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

showing off our 'mother' tongues

A few months ago I started to write about raising O in a multilingual environment (Portuguese, English and Turkish). Given he has made much progress, I thought an update was in order.

The three little words he once knew have involved into roughly twenty new words. Including the two-word phrase: “all done”. Much to my chagrin, he knows more English words than Portuguese words. I assume it is because over the past few months he has been around many more English speakers than Portuguese speakers. Plus the husband has had a few extra days off which has caused us to spend a lot more time speaking English.

His understanding of Portuguese though is flawless, I can go back and forth in Portuguese and English between my commands and he clearly understands them.

He has also started to call me ‘anne’, the turkish word for mom. This came as a surprised to me. I was hoping he would call me the Portuguese word ‘mamae’, I was even ok with ‘mama’ or ‘mommy’. But ‘anne’? I don’t know where that came from — maybe because we live in Turkey?– I love it though. Soon his Turkish will start getting better as a Turkish babysitter will start watching him while I’m in class. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Two words he says constantly, even after just waking up: ‘Elmo’ and ‘cookie’! Hahaha, the two biggest passions of my eighteen month old.

I am thinking about revising my plan of speaking Portuguese only when it’s just me and him. I think I need to reinforce it even when the husband is around. It may take some extra effort on my part. I have a hard time switching back and forth between English and Portuguese. But I think we will reap many benefits from this.

Wish me luck! I’ll be back in a few months with another multilingual update. :p

mom-mode post #156 – on the sweetest boy ever

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Cutie goodness!!!

I just can’t have enough of him!

mom-mode post #155 – on Skype hugs

September 10, 2011 § 2 Comments


Visiting the first Starbucks in Eskisehir

As you know, we live thousands of miles away from our families.This means we try to Skype weekly with both of our families. Oliver has grown accustomed to this. As soon as he hears the Skype ringtone, he plops himself in front of my iPad or laptop and anxiously waits for familiar faces to appear on the screen. If he’s in a good mood, he will put on a little show. He dances, he makes cute faces, he drops his food on the floor, he may even try to say new words he’s learned. Inevitably at the end of each call, whether in Portuguese or English, we ask him to wave and say bye-bye, blow a kiss and give them a hug. We taught him to wrap his little chubby arms around himself and give it a little shake, as if he were truly hugging his gram or vovo. He obligingly places his tiny hands on his belly and gives it a little dance, sending his loved ones a Skype hug.

It wasn’t until recently that we realized we may want to start labeling these hugs, “Skype hugs”, in trying to differentiate real hugs from virtual hugs. The other day he came in from playing outside with his daddy and I asked him for a hug. Instead of running to me and wrapping his arms around my neck like usual, he immediately places his hands on his belly and with a big ol’ grin on his face, ‘shimmies’ his body, giving me a hug indeed. Albeit a Skype hug.

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