mom-mode post #155 – on Skype hugs

September 10, 2011 § 2 Comments


Visiting the first Starbucks in Eskisehir

As you know, we live thousands of miles away from our families.This means we try to Skype weekly with both of our families. Oliver has grown accustomed to this. As soon as he hears the Skype ringtone, he plops himself in front of my iPad or laptop and anxiously waits for familiar faces to appear on the screen. If he’s in a good mood, he will put on a little show. He dances, he makes cute faces, he drops his food on the floor, he may even try to say new words he’s learned. Inevitably at the end of each call, whether in Portuguese or English, we ask him to wave and say bye-bye, blow a kiss and give them a hug. We taught him to wrap his little chubby arms around himself and give it a little shake, as if he were truly hugging his gram or vovo. He obligingly places his tiny hands on his belly and gives it a little dance, sending his loved ones a Skype hug.

It wasn’t until recently that we realized we may want to start labeling these hugs, “Skype hugs”, in trying to differentiate real hugs from virtual hugs. The other day he came in from playing outside with his daddy and I asked him for a hug. Instead of running to me and wrapping his arms around my neck like usual, he immediately places his hands on his belly and with a big ol’ grin on his face, ‘shimmies’ his body, giving me a hug indeed. Albeit a Skype hug.


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