mom-mode post #162 – on what I’m into this month

October 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know I owe you all an explanation of where we moved to and probably some pictures of our new place. While I try to get around to doing that, take a look of what  I’m into this month- October 2011.

on my nightstand – I haven’t read much of anything this month. Partly because of the move and new turkish classes starting, partly because I am on the hunt for a good read. Any suggestions?

in my bible – I am continuing my study on Galatians and loving it. John 15 has also been a lot on my mind lately.

on my tv – My annual Gilmore Girls marathon carries on. Plus, when the husband and I left America we had stopped watching House in the middle of season five. So a couple of weeks ago we decided to remedy that with a good ol’ marathon. On Fridays and Saturday nights, we put O to bed, I fix up a cup of coffee, he gets some desert, there’s no better way to spend the weekend! AND Fall tv is here, I can’t wait to catch up on my favorite shows.

in my ears – well, I found a ‘toddler’ station on Pandora. It’s quite catchy I must say, O loves to dance to it. Plus I must confess, Jessie J’s Price Tag is stubbornly stuck in my head.

in my closet- with fall in the air and cooler temperatures, I acquired a few new pieces I thought my fall wardrobe was lacking in. Inspired by the always inspiring j.crew catalogue, I purchased a couple of long sleeve sweaters, thin enough to be worn right now and perfectly ‘layer-able’ later on. I’ve also purchased these baggy black chords. They are so comfy I don’t ever want to take them off!

excuse my bare feet. In Turkey we don't wear shoes inside and I can't, for the life of me, get used to slippers

on my iPad – new tag this month, I’ll include here favorite new and old apps. Last month I discovered the Google Catalogues app and I’ve lost a lot of time on it. I just missed getting my favorite catalogues in the mail every month and now I get to have them back at my fingertips minus the clutter. There’s another one called Catalogues that also offers a variety of different catalogues to browse, including j.crew, if you’re as obsessed with the store as I am, you’ll love it.


mom-mode post #161 – on leaving the old city

October 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

front of our building

Today we packed up our most treasured belongings and left the place we have called home for almost two years.

our old big kitchen, many memories made here

The place we brought our first son home from the hospital. Where he grew from newborn to toddler, just so quickly.

Today we left the only home O has ever known. And we are not coming back.
The hallway where he tooks his first steps, the park behind our house where he learned to go down the slide, the street where we took our morning walks.
Our sweet friends we leave behind too. However we hope to continue our friendship through the distance.
We leave behind happy days and some pretty sad ones too.
Dear Eskisehir winter, I will not miss you. Not even a little a bit. Not even at all.
Dear neighborhood bazar, you will be deeply and sorely missed. The hustle and bustle of poor and rich, coming together looking for fresh veggies and some great bargains.
Dear 20-minute commute to anywhere, I will think about you on my 45-minute metro ride to the city center.

Dear Espark, I will miss the fact that anytime someone mentions shopping, I know exactly what and where they are talking about.

Dear Adalar, I will miss your Europeanesque bridges and lazy, sunny Saturday afternoons.

Dear routine and comfort zone, I will miss you most of all. As with any change, even if it’s for the best like this one, it takes me some time to find my groove.

Dear Eskisehir, when we come back to visit, you will forever remain as the city of birth of our firstborn. Stamped forever on his passports.

photo taken by

Hoscakal Eski.

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