mom-mode post #180 – on a little birthday party

April 27, 2012 § 3 Comments


Late? A little. His birthday was two months ago. But I just now came across these sweet pictures and thought, why not?

I had long ago decided his second birthday would have an Elmo theme. I’m not one to love a theme party, but he’s only two once. Plus I love a good excuse to get crafty. And what better excuse than my son’s second birthday!

The party came together with a bit of everything. My mom sent me a package in advance with some supplies to make my favorite birthday treats: brazilian candy. If you have easy access to condensed milk, please give this recipe a try. You will be thanking me later.Oliver’s gram had sent us some Elmo stickers. His auntie sent him an Elmo shirt to wear. I found a great party supply store here that had some paper products (a little pricy), a number 2 cookie-cutter and some sort of weird gum paste we used to make the cake. The rest, I just downloaded some printables from the internet, grabbed some balloons and the party was complete.

I can’t forget the honorable mentions though. My sweet friend who went through great lengths to make the cake I’d envisioned. She baked it and frosted it (not an easy feat when you’re dealing with foreign powdered sugar) and held my hand as I made Elmo and the other decorations. It was my first time EVER decorating a cake. So I needed all the support I could get. The other honorable mention would be O’s sweet babysitter who helped me have the house clean for the party and brought some delicious turkish party food along. The party would have not been complete without her mercimek koftesi.


The party was a hit. O loved every minute. Especially having guests over. He loves a full house and a full house he got indeed!

Present Time!

Mama supporting the party theme

O waited impatiently for his babysitter to get here and when she did, she never left O's sight. 🙂





mom-mode post # 179 – on motherhood and toddlerhood

April 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

The other day as I was cooking dinner away, Adele blaring from the speakers, with little to none interruptions, it finally dawned on me: I think I just entered a new stage of motherhood. 

You know, the stage you dream about when your toddler is at the height of its mobility and you don’t think you will ever have a minute to call your own again. E.V.E.R. again.

You know, the stage you can give your toddler a few cars and trains so you you can hop in the shower knowing the house won’t burn down during your minute absence.

You know, the stage you can cook dinner and know your child may interrupt you, but it won’t be every.single. minute. He may asked to be held, but he will understand when you tell him you can’t because you are making his food. 

You know, the stage where he will find a new old toy (we rotate toys in and out due to lack of space) and play unatended for a really long time (i.e. half an hour tops). While he makes all kinds of car noises, you give yourself a speedy pedicure/fold laundry/read a book/take a shower ( I like showers!).

You know, the stage where he will ask for ‘colors’ (his word for crayons) and he will sit and color with your for a really long time. He will let out little squeals of joy and tell you about each thing he’s drawing.

You know, the stage where he puts himself to sleep at 7 and sleep until 9:30. No wait, this one hasn’t happened yet. Pardon my wishful thinking out loud.

Do I miss the soft cuddles I had with my newborn, the sweet giggles my 6 month old let out or my 1 year old first wobbly steps? Yes, of course I do. But boy, am I ever enjoying this new found freedom to motherhood. No wonder right around this time most moms start thinking they could have another one. Most moms. You should know by now I’m not like most moms, so don’t go getting any ideas. 😉


Mom-mode post # 178 – on dying Easter eggs

April 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

We didn’t get to do many traditional Easter things this year, but I made sure we got some Easter egg dying in there! Being new to this, I enlisted the help of Gram, who promptly sent all the tips she could find so the process could go smoothly. And it did.
First up, we got one of Daddy’s old shirts and used it as an art apron. Then we made sure we touched, held and hugged every single egg, to make sure they were hard enough you know. We may have broken a couple during this process. 😉 Then we got to dipping the eggs several times in the same colors. Never mind having a myriad a colors to choose from. Red was the favorite, of course! All in all he had fun and so did his mama! I didn’t even had too big a mess to clean!










mom-mode post #177 – on what I’m into this month

April 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

Should I start this post with a slew of excuses for being absent the whole month of March? I’ll spare you the excuses, mainly because I have no idea what happened. Life happened I guess. But hey, that means I was out on the real world, living life to the fullest and that’s always a good excuse. I do hope to get back into regular schedule posting. So today I’ll give you what I’m into this month of April:

on my nightstand – I finally go connected with my local library in America, so I am now able to borrow books on my Kindle app. You have no idea how happy this makes me! *nerd alert* . Last month I read “Nineteen Eighty-Four” by George Orwell. An oldie but oh so goodie. And a bit somber. I also read “The Peach Keeper” by Addison Allen. Nothing life-changing but a good little fiction. I am currently reading “Unbroken” by Lauren Hillenbrand. An awesome story that has inspired me to start running again! And last but not least, I’m in the beginings of “The Ministry of Motherhood” by Sally Clarkson. I’ll write more about it once I’m finished but I can already tell you it is some good stuff!

in my bible – Going through Genesis again. Joseph is my favorite.

on my tv – Two words: Downton Abby. Do yourself a favor, believe all the hype and watch this show. You will not regret it.

in my ears – I haven’t really listened to anything new lately. Just my trusty Pandora stations.

in my closet – I was in desperate need of a new bright colored cardigan and some spring black pants. My favorite store in Turkey did not disappoint. I didn’t have time to take pictures of it with my husband’s camera, so I “stole” a coupon pictures from the online store.



on my ipad – Paper by 53. If you like to sketch, you will be in digital paper heaven.


mom-mode post #176 – on the multilingual progress

April 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

I first addressed our multilingual home here. O has made such great linguistic progress (in my humble and unbiased point of view) lately, I thought an update was in order.
For starters, he is speaking in two or three-word sentences most of the time. He either copies our sentence structures or has even attempted some on his own. He surprises us each day with new words.
English seems to be his language of preference right now. He understands most of what I say in Portuguese, but insists on using English to respond. Just a phase, I hope.
His Turkish is also coming along. It is so cute to hear him say a new word in perfect pronunciation. He also shows clear understanding of when to speak Turkish. He usually does not use Turkish words with us, but will consistently use them with his Turkish babysitter.
He is showing awareness of when the language has changed for he changes his tone as well. Or he asks for the other language. The other day he was counting in English, he stopped and asked for “porti”. It took me a while to understand that he was asking to count in Portuguese!
Overall I’m very proud of how he’s doing. My little trilingual guy is doing just fine, thank you very much.
p.s.: Lately he has become a bit of a parrot, repeating word for word what we just said. Usually that’s not a problem except the other day I said to the husband, “oh my gosh!” . Immediately O repeated it word by word. For some reason hearing your toddler spit that back out just didn’t seem quite appropriate. Word to self: be extra careful with what you say around your child!

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