mom-mode post #176 – on the multilingual progress

April 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

I first addressed our multilingual home here. O has made such great linguistic progress (in my humble and unbiased point of view) lately, I thought an update was in order.
For starters, he is speaking in two or three-word sentences most of the time. He either copies our sentence structures or has even attempted some on his own. He surprises us each day with new words.
English seems to be his language of preference right now. He understands most of what I say in Portuguese, but insists on using English to respond. Just a phase, I hope.
His Turkish is also coming along. It is so cute to hear him say a new word in perfect pronunciation. He also shows clear understanding of when to speak Turkish. He usually does not use Turkish words with us, but will consistently use them with his Turkish babysitter.
He is showing awareness of when the language has changed for he changes his tone as well. Or he asks for the other language. The other day he was counting in English, he stopped and asked for “porti”. It took me a while to understand that he was asking to count in Portuguese!
Overall I’m very proud of how he’s doing. My little trilingual guy is doing just fine, thank you very much.
p.s.: Lately he has become a bit of a parrot, repeating word for word what we just said. Usually that’s not a problem except the other day I said to the husband, “oh my gosh!” . Immediately O repeated it word by word. For some reason hearing your toddler spit that back out just didn’t seem quite appropriate. Word to self: be extra careful with what you say around your child!


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  • Gram says:

    Yes, our little man is doing great! Can’t wait to hear him in person in May. I know with “all English” being spoke, his English will even get better! So glad he’s doing so well in all three languages.

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