mom-mode post # 179 – on motherhood and toddlerhood

April 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

The other day as I was cooking dinner away, Adele blaring from the speakers, with little to none interruptions, it finally dawned on me: I think I just entered a new stage of motherhood. 

You know, the stage you dream about when your toddler is at the height of its mobility and you don’t think you will ever have a minute to call your own again. E.V.E.R. again.

You know, the stage you can give your toddler a few cars and trains so you you can hop in the shower knowing the house won’t burn down during your minute absence.

You know, the stage you can cook dinner and know your child may interrupt you, but it won’t be every.single. minute. He may asked to be held, but he will understand when you tell him you can’t because you are making his food. 

You know, the stage where he will find a new old toy (we rotate toys in and out due to lack of space) and play unatended for a really long time (i.e. half an hour tops). While he makes all kinds of car noises, you give yourself a speedy pedicure/fold laundry/read a book/take a shower ( I like showers!).

You know, the stage where he will ask for ‘colors’ (his word for crayons) and he will sit and color with your for a really long time. He will let out little squeals of joy and tell you about each thing he’s drawing.

You know, the stage where he puts himself to sleep at 7 and sleep until 9:30. No wait, this one hasn’t happened yet. Pardon my wishful thinking out loud.

Do I miss the soft cuddles I had with my newborn, the sweet giggles my 6 month old let out or my 1 year old first wobbly steps? Yes, of course I do. But boy, am I ever enjoying this new found freedom to motherhood. No wonder right around this time most moms start thinking they could have another one. Most moms. You should know by now I’m not like most moms, so don’t go getting any ideas. 😉



§ 4 Responses to mom-mode post # 179 – on motherhood and toddlerhood

  • So grown up!! So cute!! Enjoy your new stage of motherhood! 🙂

  • Gram says:

    Yes, enjoy! Time flies. Today you have 30 minutes to yourself -tops! Tomorrow- he’ll be in school, you’ll have all day. Next Week you’ll have even more time with after school activities. Next month, college, you’ll have possibly a month to yourself. Next year, he’ll be living in a foreign land and you’ll be wishing you had that toddler crawling up in your lap again. Like I said time flies! On the bright side, he could come home for 6 months at a time and you’ll be on top of the world the entire time!!!!!

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