mom-mode post #180 – on a little birthday party

April 27, 2012 § 3 Comments


Late? A little. His birthday was two months ago. But I just now came across these sweet pictures and thought, why not?

I had long ago decided his second birthday would have an Elmo theme. I’m not one to love a theme party, but he’s only two once. Plus I love a good excuse to get crafty. And what better excuse than my son’s second birthday!

The party came together with a bit of everything. My mom sent me a package in advance with some supplies to make my favorite birthday treats: brazilian candy. If you have easy access to condensed milk, please give this recipe a try. You will be thanking me later.Oliver’s gram had sent us some Elmo stickers. His auntie sent him an Elmo shirt to wear. I found a great party supply store here that had some paper products (a little pricy), a number 2 cookie-cutter and some sort of weird gum paste we used to make the cake. The rest, I just downloaded some printables from the internet, grabbed some balloons and the party was complete.

I can’t forget the honorable mentions though. My sweet friend who went through great lengths to make the cake I’d envisioned. She baked it and frosted it (not an easy feat when you’re dealing with foreign powdered sugar) and held my hand as I made Elmo and the other decorations. It was my first time EVER decorating a cake. So I needed all the support I could get. The other honorable mention would be O’s sweet babysitter who helped me have the house clean for the party and brought some delicious turkish party food along. The party would have not been complete without her mercimek koftesi.


The party was a hit. O loved every minute. Especially having guests over. He loves a full house and a full house he got indeed!

Present Time!

Mama supporting the party theme

O waited impatiently for his babysitter to get here and when she did, she never left O's sight. 🙂





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