mom-mode post #184 – on my third mother’s day

May 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

It was a lovely Mother’s Day Sunday here in the Smith household.

There was some sleeping in. There was a yummy breakfast in bed.


There was some quiet time for mommy. Time to read (things likelike this article. Please take five minutes and read. It will bless your mommy soul, and make you cry) and chill and veg.

There were flowers too. Beautiful gorgeous flowers.


There was a picnic with friends. There was some more time to cuddle with my little boy, time to read and rest. Time to reflect on my blessings. Time to think about my friends that have lost their babies. Time to read touching articles like this one.

A sweet, sweet day indeed!


mom-mode post #183 – on the diet update

May 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

If you are just checking in, you must read this post first.

Monday – The day starts off easy. I have yogurt and fruit for breakfast, something I normally eat. Lunch gets trickier as I can’t have my diet coke or cup of coffee. By mid-afternoon Im cursing the day I decided to this and am about to quit. I not only need my afternoon sugar pick me up, but I’m in desperate need of caffeine. Alas, I plug along with my stir-fry dinner and no caffeine. By the time I’m putting my son to bed, I can barely stay awake through “The little engine that could”. I manage to watch a show with the husband but by 9 o’clock I have conked out on the couch. Who knew no caffeine could have such an effect on me? I had almost decided to quit this diet . I mean, how can I go on when I have no energy? However by morning I had not only lost two pounds (probably water weight) but had one the most wonderful nights of sleep. So I choose to go on at least until Friday. Seventeen days just seems like too long to go without caffeine.

Tuesday – I started off well, feeling very rested. I didn’t fight an urge for caffeine or sweets until later in the day. I even went out to lunch with a friend and I was able to steer clear from caffeine, sweets and starches. But by the end of the day I’m dying for a coke or something sweet. I vow to quit it, yet I find myself reaching for the green tea instead of the coffee. I guess I won’t quit just yet. I can do this, I tell myself. I do realize I’m such a bore without caffeine.

Wednesday – I have a good breakfast and am feeling energized. When 12 o’clock came my blood sugar was in shambles. I met up with a friend and she tells me I not only look thinner but that I look pretty awful (people are refreshingly honest here). I eat a healthy lunch, protein filled, I even have an apple. My blood sugar keeps dropping. I keep eating things that are allowed on cycle one of this diet (normally when my blood sugar drops I reach for something sweet or carbs to level things off quickly), nothing was working. Oliver woke up from his nap. Afraid I’d faint there, I decided not to take him to the park. By 4 o’clock, I’m talking with my mom on Skype ( and trying to avoid telling her I wasn’t feeling right), she tells me to immediately go eat some carbs. She’s a nurse and my mom so I do it. She insists this diet may be fine for people who haven’t any hypoglycemic issues but I just shouldn’t be walking around with no sugar, especially no carbs. It takes me a few hour,s after I eat a piece of wheat bread and drink some milk, for my body to get back up again. My dinner is still within the diet limitations but by this point I know I can’t go on for 17 days like this.

I was expecting to get a lot more energy by eating like this, and maybe, eventually, I would. Maybe these are just detox symptoms and if I kept at it, it would get better. However I can’t afford to wait this out. This whole process was based on the fact that I’d want to set a good example for O, but I can’t do this when I’m not even able to take him to the park. I feel a bit like a failure for not having been able to finish. I realize though that one has to do what is right for their health and not just carry on because they made a promise to themselves to finish the 17 days.

Truth is, I did need something this drastic to make me realize I can easily make these healthy changes on my own. I had been so set in my old dietary ways. I gleaned much from the past three days. My goal to add more veggies and overall health foods into my diet was certainly accomplished. I am banishing diet coke from my house ( not from life!). I realized how much I don’t really need it every single day. Water is now my drink of choice. I’m very happy with this outcome. I realized how it was just as easy to reach for the carrots in my fridge as it was for whatever processed foods I had in my pantry. The apples in my fruit bowl actually got eaten. Even the husband ate more fruit as a result. I ate breakfast everyday and it felt great to do so. So I will carry on these good habits. But I must part ways with the diet and say hello to carbs. I will keep them whole wheat as I usually do anyhow. I’m not sure what I will do about caffeine yet. I realize I can make do without, but there’s nothing more enticing to me than the smell of a cup of coffee brewing. I will certainly cut down some, but life is too short to go through it without my most favorite flavor from home.

So that’s it friends. My crazy diet week.

mom-mode post # 182 – on making a change

May 2, 2012 § 3 Comments

I’ve always envisioned myself as the kind of adult that eats healthy. You know, the kind that loves salads and doesn’t really crave sweets. You know, like my mom. She loves vegetables and eats them gladly.The sad reality is that I still eat like I did when I was five years old. I don’t have grown up taste buds and my diet is dangerously precarious.

I am not overweight (although I could stand to lose a few pounds) and I have been on my pre-pregnancy weight for some time now. Truth is I need to make a change not just for me, but for my son.

How can I expect him to eat vegetables when I’m having chocolate for dinner? The older he gets, the more he notices. Who wants the label, ‘hypocrite mother’? I want to feed my child none (or little) processed foods, I want his taste buds to be slightly more sophisticated than mine.Yet these lofty goals of mine will go nowhere if I don’t do ’em myself.

I routinely exercise (well not this week, I got Lasik surgery done), I go for annual check-ups and regular teeth cleanings. Overall I feel like I am setting a good example for O in those areas. Up until now the only thing that has remained unchanged in my life is my nutrition-less diet. I have tried to make healthier habits. From drinking more water to green smoothies. However my dietary situation is in such poor state, I need to make a drastic change.

So friends, I’m going all in. Monday I started the 17-diet plan. I chose this plan for it is drastic and will need full commitment from me on the first seventeen days. I could just do this on my own, with no plan. But I do better when I have some loose guidelines to follow, especially on something so difficult for me. I don’t intend to follow the plan forever, I just need something to start me off immediately and drastically, so later I can adjust it to my lifestyle. (to learn more about the diet, yo can watch this GMA video or go on the 17 day diet website)

For 17 days there will be no coke, no coffee, no chocolate, no butter, no red meat, no bread, i.e.: the six items that I could live off for the rest of my life and never miss any other food.

It’s going to be tough and I intend to keep myself accountable by blogging it on here. I will be writing about each day and post it on here at the end of the week.

May the odds be ever in my favor. 😉

mom-mode post #181 – on toddler beds and bedtime songs

May 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

A couple of weeks ago we turned Oliver’s crib into a toddler bed. It was a sort of spur of the moment thing. One day the husband came home and next thing we know, there it was, his little tiny cot, ready for our big boy to drift off to dreamland.
And drift off he did. He only fell out once and went straight back to sleep. He calls out for us in the morning still, he hasn’t quite figured out that he can get out of bed himself. Something we know may change but that we’re thankful for now.
We changed our bedtime routine to his bed. He cozies himself up with his pillow, we read a few books, he asks for a few more. We sing a few songs, and this is my favorite part, he sings along. I want to engrave that sweet sound of his voice, trying to follow along to This little light of mine . This mama’s heart couldn’t get any more full of joy and gratitude for being given such a precious gift.

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