mom-mode post #183 – on the diet update

May 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

If you are just checking in, you must read this post first.

Monday – The day starts off easy. I have yogurt and fruit for breakfast, something I normally eat. Lunch gets trickier as I can’t have my diet coke or cup of coffee. By mid-afternoon Im cursing the day I decided to this and am about to quit. I not only need my afternoon sugar pick me up, but I’m in desperate need of caffeine. Alas, I plug along with my stir-fry dinner and no caffeine. By the time I’m putting my son to bed, I can barely stay awake through “The little engine that could”. I manage to watch a show with the husband but by 9 o’clock I have conked out on the couch. Who knew no caffeine could have such an effect on me? I had almost decided to quit this diet . I mean, how can I go on when I have no energy? However by morning I had not only lost two pounds (probably water weight) but had one the most wonderful nights of sleep. So I choose to go on at least until Friday. Seventeen days just seems like too long to go without caffeine.

Tuesday – I started off well, feeling very rested. I didn’t fight an urge for caffeine or sweets until later in the day. I even went out to lunch with a friend and I was able to steer clear from caffeine, sweets and starches. But by the end of the day I’m dying for a coke or something sweet. I vow to quit it, yet I find myself reaching for the green tea instead of the coffee. I guess I won’t quit just yet. I can do this, I tell myself. I do realize I’m such a bore without caffeine.

Wednesday – I have a good breakfast and am feeling energized. When 12 o’clock came my blood sugar was in shambles. I met up with a friend and she tells me I not only look thinner but that I look pretty awful (people are refreshingly honest here). I eat a healthy lunch, protein filled, I even have an apple. My blood sugar keeps dropping. I keep eating things that are allowed on cycle one of this diet (normally when my blood sugar drops I reach for something sweet or carbs to level things off quickly), nothing was working. Oliver woke up from his nap. Afraid I’d faint there, I decided not to take him to the park. By 4 o’clock, I’m talking with my mom on Skype ( and trying to avoid telling her I wasn’t feeling right), she tells me to immediately go eat some carbs. She’s a nurse and my mom so I do it. She insists this diet may be fine for people who haven’t any hypoglycemic issues but I just shouldn’t be walking around with no sugar, especially no carbs. It takes me a few hour,s after I eat a piece of wheat bread and drink some milk, for my body to get back up again. My dinner is still within the diet limitations but by this point I know I can’t go on for 17 days like this.

I was expecting to get a lot more energy by eating like this, and maybe, eventually, I would. Maybe these are just detox symptoms and if I kept at it, it would get better. However I can’t afford to wait this out. This whole process was based on the fact that I’d want to set a good example for O, but I can’t do this when I’m not even able to take him to the park. I feel a bit like a failure for not having been able to finish. I realize though that one has to do what is right for their health and not just carry on because they made a promise to themselves to finish the 17 days.

Truth is, I did need something this drastic to make me realize I can easily make these healthy changes on my own. I had been so set in my old dietary ways. I gleaned much from the past three days. My goal to add more veggies and overall health foods into my diet was certainly accomplished. I am banishing diet coke from my house ( not from life!). I realized how much I don’t really need it every single day. Water is now my drink of choice. I’m very happy with this outcome. I realized how it was just as easy to reach for the carrots in my fridge as it was for whatever processed foods I had in my pantry. The apples in my fruit bowl actually got eaten. Even the husband ate more fruit as a result. I ate breakfast everyday and it felt great to do so. So I will carry on these good habits. But I must part ways with the diet and say hello to carbs. I will keep them whole wheat as I usually do anyhow. I’m not sure what I will do about caffeine yet. I realize I can make do without, but there’s nothing more enticing to me than the smell of a cup of coffee brewing. I will certainly cut down some, but life is too short to go through it without my most favorite flavor from home.

So that’s it friends. My crazy diet week.


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  • Hahahaha, what experience!! I´m glad that you´re eating carbs again… to cut them is certainly not a healthy habit! I almost thought in doing the same diet, but guess now i´ll not try, haha. Ahh, if i can vote, keep the coffee, in a moderate way, but keep it! 🙂

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