mom-mode post #186 – on teaching about goodbyes

June 8, 2012 § 2 Comments


On Monday we had to say goodbye to Gram and aunt Carolyn after a fun two-week trip. Even though we told him thousands of time that they were going on a plane back to America, I still don’t think this is an easy concept for a two year old to fully grasp. However it is one he needs to learn quickly, ’cause our family’s lifestyle is one full of fun adventures and hellos but yet one full of sad goodbyes.
Last night he didn’t want to sleep on his own. I don’t blame him. So we sang I the songs one can possibly sing. We read all the books one could possibly read. When it was time for me to leave the room, he immediately starts crying. And with the saddest look on his face he asks: Mommy, hold me? This is the conversation we have, while I hold my big boy in my arms:

Me: Oliver, do you miss Gram?
Oliver: I want Gram.
Me: (fighting back the tears) Baby, Gram is in America now.
Oliver: On a plane?
Me: Yes, she went to America on a plane.
Oliver: Oliver on a plane?
Me: Do you want to get on a plane to go see Gram?
Oliver: Yeah.

He then lists all the family members he’d see if he got on a plane. I tell him, (smiling now) “In October, baby.In October”

I put him back on his bed. We sing another round of “This little light of mine” until he slowly drifts to sleep.



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