mom-mode #188 – on a trip of a lifetime part I

June 10, 2012 § 1 Comment


For Valentine’s Day (and my 30th birthday) the husband surprised me with a gift I never thought I’d get: a trip just for the two of us to Paris! My mom-in-law agreed to keep O for a few days while we got to tour and enjoy Paris. I don’t think he will ever be able to top this gift! Last week, the day finally came. I got my hair done, packed only MY suitcase (no need to think about every possible thing a toddler might need!) and with passport in hand, I was ready to board!

Since we were traveling without the kid, we decided to take the bus to the place where we were staying. That alone was an experience! We got to see a lot of the real Paris, not just the touristy stuff. We rented an apartment on a not sot touristy district of Paris. It wasn’t luxurious, but it was full of charm and it had everything we needed. Plus it was a very close to a metro station.

First order of business? Food. We stopped by the local Carrefour and stocked up on baguette, gourmet butter, great cheese, madeleines and most importantly, ham. We live in a country where you can’t get pork products, so any chance we get to savor some, we are all over it. I savored each bite while looking out our window into the tree-lined street. This was probably the most memorable meal of the trip!

Tummy full, we decided to go explore. We wound up at the Notre Dame. It was right during mass. The place was packed. The candles burning offering the place a warm light. It was silent save the priest preaching calmly in elegant French. As soon as my eyes took hold of its gorgeous gothic doors, I knew I was going to love French architecture. Inside was just as gorgeous. Tall high ceilings, refined chandeliers. Not to disturb the parishioners, the husband and I quickly got out. But I could have stayed in there a lot longer.

When we got out the night had come, we walked along the empty sidewalks searching for a place to eat. We found a few souvenir shops where I stocked up on postcards to send out the next morning. After a yummy steak and pomme frites dinner, we walked to the metro, my mind already busy floating in inspiration by this gorgeous city.



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