mom-mode post #197 – on the husband’s birthday

July 1, 2012 § 4 Comments

It’s a celebration day for us here today. It’s the husband’s 31st birthday!

He’s not one given to much bells and whistles or big celebrations, so we are having a small get together to commemorate another year we get to share with our awesome husband and daddy.

I decided to pick a theme for today’s special occasion: 1981 classics. I printed out a bunch of pictures of 1981 cars and of course pictures of a true 1981 classic: the husband.

“What is a classic?”, you may feel inclined to ask. A classic is something of the first and highest class, a standard, a model. There’s no doubt the husband is that and so much more. He’s the best of the best, I tell ya. A model I can only hope our son will choose to follow.

A classic, according to the World English Dictionary, is also characterized by simplicity, balance and purity of form. I can’t think of another man that characterizes simplicity as well as the husband. He is no non-sense, practical, genuine. Life to him is simple. He takes it all in stride. People tell me that I am different when I am around him, more calm, they say. I like to think it’s because his overall balanced outlook in life rubs off on me, and calms me down.

The dictionary adds that a classic is of lasting interest and significance. Need I say more? O and I are blessed to live with such an interesting guy! Life is always meaningful when he is around.

Finally, a classic is a basic. When I say basic, you may think cheap or uninteresting. When I say basic I mean ‘it never goes out style’, ‘it goes with everything’. That couldn’t describe the man I married any better. He will never go out of style in my heart and he always goes with everything in my life. 😉

Happy birthday Daniel! I love you!

Our most recent family picture, taken in Cappadocia.

catch last year’s birthday post here.


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