mom-mode post #200 – on a few Oliverisms

July 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

As I am filling up our plastic pool, he talks on his toy phone:
– The bus? (pause) Why? (pause) I got the seeing poo ready [I got the swimming pool ready]!

After dinner, he brings his bowl from the living room to the kitchen sink. He didn’t eat all of his dinner. As he hands me the bowl he says: “I not like it, mommy.”

I wasn’t sure if I needed to scold him for being rude or just thank him for being helpful in bringing his bowl to the kitchen.

We have two friends who have baby girls, Noelle and Hannah. Which to Oliver they are: ‘Noelf’ and ‘Hayna’.

On our way back from the beach, daddy says he can have one more chip. To which Oliver replies: A big one!

At any point during the day. Whether he has just eaten or woken up from a nap he asks for breakfast. And if he had it his way it would be pancakes.

His language skills are getting better and he only gets funnier each day. He used to call yogurt “judy” and now he actually pronounces it correctly. He speaks in two-word sentences all the time and more and more he is speaking in full three, four-word sentences.
His Turkish is also taking off, speaking in sentences more often than not.
His Portuguese is lacking still, but we have started a new thing. We now alternate days between Portuguese and English as a whole family. This has helped me be way more consistent. Even though he may not be speaking in full sentences in Portuguese, we know he is being exposed to it every other day!


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