mom-mode post #203 – what i wore to the beach!

July 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

We got to spend some lovely down time with friends by the beach last week. We stayed at a nice all-inclusive, no cooking, no cleaning involved. And most importantly: diet coke with ice any time of day. If you live in Turkey, you know what a rare treat ice in your drinks can be!

I wish I had the husband take pictures of my other outfits, I have so much fun putting together vacation outfits. Alas, we were too busy lounging by the pool (i.e.: watching Oliver like a hawk in the kiddie pool). What I like about vacation outfits is that I feel like I can try new things without the commitment a new trend entails. Like when I was in Paris, or Rome, there are people from so many different places and different walks, who is going to notice the way you wrapped a pink scarf around your head? That’s exactly what I did. The husband loved the results and got a little snap-happy with the camera. If you know me, you know I have always loved a good head accessory. 20120716-110053.jpg

However I don’t think I’ll be bringing the scarf trend back home from vacation. I believe Bursa isn’t ready for it. And I’m not ready for the stares. 😉

outfit deets:
Denim shorts – are you tired of them yet? Good, cause I love ’em.
Top – Mango
Flip flops – Havaianas
Scarf – handmade here in Bursa.
Sunglasses – Koton
Bracelets – gift, local bazar, Koton


(please note the sweetest little blond head on the corner. Love him!)

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