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August 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is what I wore to one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in my life. And I come from paradise people!

And no, I will not post a whole body picture of me in a swimsuit all over the internets. πŸ˜‰ So this is what I wore: Swimsuit=Old Navy/ Scarf – vintage, gift/ Sunglasses – Koton

Last week while my sister was here, we got to visit a beach called Ilica near Cesme, Turkey. This gorgeous little piece of white sand and aqua blue water is right on the Aegean sea. My sister just loved it!

We also found time to stop by a yummy chinese restaurant in the city nearby. I hadn’t eaten chinese in a while and I’m so glad I got to enjoy it with my sister.

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mom-mode post #210 – on wiww, sister edition

August 15, 2012 § 8 Comments

Like I mentioned onΒ Friday, my sister is in country to visit me!!!

We have had a whirlwind of a time so far. We’ve toured Istanbul, I got to show her the city we live in (Bursa) and now we are in Izmir, enjoying some lovely weather. I was going to take pictures of what we wore everyday, but due to the heat, we only really wore shorts and a tee most days.

Yesterday evening though, after a long hot day of sightseeing Ephesus, we decided to clean up a little to go out to dinner. Here’s what we wore:

Dress – Mudo/ Shoes (borrowed from sister) – Arezzo

And, of course, I had to include one with our little photo bomber. πŸ˜‰

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone! I’m off to enjoy the sun with my sweet family!

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mom-mode post #209 – on five minute Friday – Connect

August 10, 2012 § 5 Comments

Today I’m trying something new, I’m linking up with Lisa Jo BakerΒ  for Five Minute Friday — where I basically write for five minutes based on a topic she gives her readers. Today’s word, connect. So while the husband took Mr. O for a swim at the hotel pool, I took a few minutes and wrote this:

Connect, connecting, connected. We live in such a connected world, yet some days I feel so disconnected from the world I came from, my home country. We Skype and we Facebook and Instagram, yet I can’t smell the aroma of my mama’s cooking. I can’t feel the hug of my sister’s arms. I can’t feel the breeze of the ocean shore. Most days I can go about life and none of this bothers me, but some days something just hits you, you stop dead in the tracks of your heart. Wondering how far life has taken you. Today, however I can get to disconnect with the cyber world and real-life connect with my beloved older sister. It’s been so long. One year and six months to be exact. My mind runs the gamut of emotions. Anxiety, anticipation, excitement. I can’t wait to see how my son will react to basically seeing his aunt for the first time. He met her last year but he was so little, he doesn’t remember. He knows her from Skype. Β One of his flat-aunts, on the computer screen. Today, my friends, we connect.

That’s all friends! Looking forward to a great week of connecting with my sweet sister.

A smile that helps you stay grounded and connected. πŸ˜‰

mom-mode post #209 – high five for Friday

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This week went by in flash! But I’m not complaining, for today we are in Istanbul, kicking off what will be an epic vacation! My sister arrives tonight and I couldn’t be more excited to show her Turkey and of course to watch her play with her favorite nephew.

The past few days I’ve conquered tons of handmade projects on my to-do list, but we were also busy escaping from the heat:

1. I made this sock monkey for O, one of my first projects with my new (to me) machine.

2. We join our friends for an iftar meal (the meal where they break their fast) and we were royally stuffed.

3. It’s been so hot, we have had to get creative and play inside. O loved this sensory activity I set out for him. He played and played and then we cleaned up. We were still finding lentils around our living room the next day. But it was a well worth it activity.

4. Another handmade finished product, my very first knitting project. Don’t look at it too closely, but I’m so very proud of it.

5. I went downtown to run some errands and this scene just struck me. It is such an everyday scene here, yet so different from where I come. Living in a new culture has its drawbacks, but it has countless benefits.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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mom-mode post #208 – on what I’m into

August 6, 2012 § 1 Comment


on my nightstand – I barely finished “Cutting for Stone”, it was a bit slow-paced for me. But it was a great story. This summer I have several (varied) readings going at the same time including The Magician’s Nephew – I’m rereading this one, I read it in Portuguese the first time around, Thin Within and The Ministry of Motherhood. I’m still looking for that fun, light summer fiction though!

in my bible – Matthew 7:24-26 — words to live by!

on my tv – The husband and I started watching White Collar, we had never heard of it but we are loving it! Also, is anyone else watching Bunheads? Y’all know about my Gilmore Girls obsession and Bunheads is written by the same writer. I just love her writing and the worlds she creates. I hope Bunheads doesn’t get cancelled!

in my ears – thanks to my SIL, lover of all things vintage, I am listening to the The Proclaimers Pandora station non-stop. Seriously, go do listen to it. I highly recommend it. And a little bit of Tom Waits too. πŸ™‚

in my closet – I hope to show you my new dress on a WIWW post soon. I played personal shopper for a friend a couple of weeks ago and before we went I told myself I wasn’t there to shop, I was there to shop for my friend. Alas, this dress was just perfect and very reasonably priced. I couldn’t resist. I am on a shopping hiatus until we go back to the US in October though. Saving all my rich little money to go paint the town red. And by that I mean, go spend it all at Target. πŸ˜‰

on my iPad – Boy have I found some good apps this month. Probably very late in the game, but what I can do? I live in Turkey, news don’t always travel so fast. πŸ˜‰

First one up? – all I have is compliments for this app. No more punching in receipts. It’s easy to use and so use to track your money. Love it and I couldn’t recommend it more!!!


2nd app of the month? abcfamily – Yes, I had used the abc app and loved it, but when I found out I could watch Bunheads on my iPad, my day just got a little brighter. πŸ™‚ Recently my old laptop went kaput so if the husband isn’t home, the only way I can watch anything is on my iPad. It’s so nice to have a variety of shows to watch! p.s.: I don’t watch that much TV, I just like to have it on as white noise while doing housework or crafting.


And for the kiddo -monkey preschool lunch box. O learned how to play matching games by playing with this app. I love it and so does he!

So what are you into this month?

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mom-mode post #207 – on high fivein’ for Friday (Instagram)

August 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

It’s been a long hot week, so I’m in need on focusing on the positive highlights of my week. So this Friday I give a high-five to:

1. My sweet friend who is moving and decided to bless me with this little beauty:

(will this be the year I finally conquer my dream of learning to sew?)

2. A sweet date with this little guy:


3. Beach time with O and his babysitter:


4. For looking to live a healthier life:



5. For this postcard I sent for O while we were in France. It finally arrived this week (only a few months later):


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