mom-mode post #209 – on five minute Friday – Connect

August 10, 2012 § 5 Comments

Today I’m trying something new, I’m linking up with Lisa Jo Baker  for Five Minute Friday — where I basically write for five minutes based on a topic she gives her readers. Today’s word, connect. So while the husband took Mr. O for a swim at the hotel pool, I took a few minutes and wrote this:

Connect, connecting, connected. We live in such a connected world, yet some days I feel so disconnected from the world I came from, my home country. We Skype and we Facebook and Instagram, yet I can’t smell the aroma of my mama’s cooking. I can’t feel the hug of my sister’s arms. I can’t feel the breeze of the ocean shore. Most days I can go about life and none of this bothers me, but some days something just hits you, you stop dead in the tracks of your heart. Wondering how far life has taken you. Today, however I can get to disconnect with the cyber world and real-life connect with my beloved older sister. It’s been so long. One year and six months to be exact. My mind runs the gamut of emotions. Anxiety, anticipation, excitement. I can’t wait to see how my son will react to basically seeing his aunt for the first time. He met her last year but he was so little, he doesn’t remember. He knows her from Skype.  One of his flat-aunts, on the computer screen. Today, my friends, we connect.

That’s all friends! Looking forward to a great week of connecting with my sweet sister.

A smile that helps you stay grounded and connected. 😉


§ 5 Responses to mom-mode post #209 – on five minute Friday – Connect

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