mom-mode post #213 – on going to the movies for the first time

September 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

There are so many wonderful things about being a parent, and one of my most favorite things is to get to see my child experience many ‘firsts’. First smile, first steps, first trip to the movies.
It wasn’t a planned outing. I don’t think I had ever thought about the frist time I’d take O to the movies. My friend called asked if we wanted to come along. I, without giving it too much thought, excitedly said yes.
O and his buddy were thrilled to get to sit on booster seats to watch the “big TV”, wearing cool glasses. The movie was Brave, in Turkish, no subtitles. This didn’t seem to faze my trilingual child, although I’m pretty sure I missed a few of the jokes. He didn’t take his eyes off the screen (and the delicious snacks we brought along) until the first half of the movie. Here in Turkey, like in plays, they do intermission in movies too. The husband and I have gotten so used to this, when we go to the movies in America or in Brazil, we desperately miss being able to go to the potty or fill up on snacks without missing parts of the movie.
After intermission things got a little tricky. O had to go potty but was struggling with the public restroom, it was getting close to his nap and he got a boo boo on the way back from the bathroom. Alas, he was still super excited about it all. He has been sword fighting and playing pretend bears ever since. And talking about the movie he saw on the big TV.
My favorite part? The parts that got him a little scared, he jumped on my lap and I got to cuddle with my usually never-stop-moving-toddler for a loooong time. I was in mommy heaven. 🙂


20120913-150721.jpgcrappy iPhone pictures of my big boy in front of the movie poster and inside with his buddy and glasses, but it was too dark. Should’ve brought a better camera. 😦


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