mom-mode post #224 – on 5-minute Friday

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Today I’m joining the crowd of 5-minute Friday and writing for five minutes on the word wonder.

I have been thinking about son a lot lately. Like any mother, I fret about his development, his eating habits, how much he sleeps. Needless to say, I think about him a lot. He is my only child after all.

But what has really been on my mind as of late is how much I love him. I mean, when he was first born I was amazed and how such a tiny being could take over every crevice of my heart like he did. I never thought it would be possible for this love to grow even more.

Now I know what my mom always. How her love for me grew each day. I guess that in the midst of the newborn sleepless nights, toddler tantrums and potty-training, I wasn’t noticing how much my love for him was growing each day. Now that many of the storms in my soul have settled, I can see it and I’m in awe.

If me, a mere human can love her son so much. I wonder how much my Lord loves me. More than I’ll ever know.

So tell me mamas, does your love for your child ever stops growing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

beginning to grin

Oliver at 2 months



mom-mode post #223 – on high five for Friday

November 29, 2012 § 7 Comments

A week has past since Thanksgiving and here are a few things that I have been thankful for this week!

1. This sweet face, enjoying some delicious mexican food with our friends. We have been back for almost two months and we enjoy chips and salsa at every opportunity we get!

2. My mom-in-law got me this old little cabinet to redo and put in our bathroom. I didn’t do a fantastic job on the paint job, but I found this cute little knob and somehow it made the whole thing come together.

3. Getting to snuggle this sweet baby and most importantly, getting to spend some quality time with my sweet friend, was definitely the highlight of the week.

4. Black Friday shopping. I didn’t really snag all the great deals, but I was in Atlanta and got to shop at places I normally don’t get to. Madewell, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, yes please.

5. Muddy feet from playing and running with O and my friend’s oldest son. We had such a fun time!

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Travel outfit

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My husband and I live in Turkey with our energetic 2 and 1/2 year old son. We actually spend a lot of time traveling between three countries: to visit family in Brazil, to visit family in America (and work some!) and of course, Turkey. We are currently spending a season in America. I am taking full advantage of free refills, mexican food, Chick-fil-a and let’s not forget, Target.

A couple of weeks ago, the husband and I got to go on a fantastic marriage getaway in Colorado Springs. We flew there, so I wore my traveling uniform: long denim shirt and black leggings. I think I have worn a variation of this travel uniform in more trips that I can count. I love how it gives me plenty of comfy give while still looking somewhat put together.

For this trip I added my beloved new Target find, this tribal looking sweater. I love it! It’s cozy and black and white. Some of my favorite things. I also added my Sorel boots. It was cold there and we only packed carry-ons so my bulkiyest item had to go on my feet. I didn’t complain though, they kept my feet warm and comfortable the whole trip. It wasn’t too practical to go through airport security, but I didn’t have my son with me, so I had plenty of arms and time to take these babies on and off. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pardon the poor picture quality, I promise the husband will be in charge of pictures from now on!

outfit details: thermal leggings, Target/ denim shirt, stolen from my sister/ sweater, Target/ boots, Sorel

An outfit and a welcome

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Hi there friends, welcome to my spiffy new style blog! I have been documenting life as new mommy for almost three years now at I have always loved fashion and putting outfits together however, life post-baby got me in a terrible fashion rut.
I have been slowly but surely finding my style groove back. I have had to say goodbye to (most) of my sky high heels, for I need freedom to play at the playground and I travel many miles often.
I am on a journey to settle into a more grounded, simple style. I’m looking for comfortable, stylish clothes that fit my budget. I’m looking for an outlet for all of my creative energy. So here I plan on sharing my quest through finding cute stylish clothes, home decor, crafts and anything in between.
To kick things off, here’s a simple outfit I wore yesterday while sightseeing with my sweet friend and our families. I knew we would be getting on the road afterwards so my look needed to be something comfy. I knew we would be going to a playground to let our two sons get their wiggles out, so the outfit also needed to be practical.

leggings, Cato’s ?/ hoodie, Gap/ flats, Deichmann/ coat, Mango/ scarf, handmade

I chose to wear leggings. Yes, I believe that good, thick leggings can possibly be worn as pants. I know it’s controversial, but I stand by it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My wonderful sister-in-law got me these leggings at Cato’s I think.

I love the idea of pairing something sporty and almost sloppy like a Gap hoodie with a pair of prim and proper leopard print flats. On this podcast, Ari from Simple Design mentions wearing leopard print as a neutral for Fall. I couldn’t agree with her more, these flats are my go-to shoes. I take them on every trip I take. You will be seeing a lot of these on here!
I topped off the outfit for this rainy afternoon with my favorite and beloved Mango raincoat. It was a bit of a splurge when I got it, but I am firm believer in the cost-per-wear equation. I have worn this jacket to death and I will keep wearing it until it falls apart.
Finally, my pride and joy and newest knitting conquest, an infinity scarf made by me. It has many mistakes, it is only my second project. I love how it turned out though and just how warm it is. In fact, I’m working on a charcoal one as we speak.

A close-up of the hoodie and scarf

I am so excited to embark on this new stylish journey! I hope you will come along with me.
— Priscila

mom-mode post #222 – on a new blog

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Hi friends!

I told you to check back today for some exciting news! No, we are not moving again, nor are we expecting. I have started a new style blog! I throughly enjoyed doing my outfit posts on here and I though I’d create a space just for that.

I will keep on journaling about life here on mom-mode, but I will be talking about fashion, decor and crafts (basically my hobbies) on this new space called My Simple Cute Style!

So hop on over there to find out more and join me on this new little venture. Are you excited? Good, cause I certainly am!

mom-mode post #221 – on what i wore for our family photos

November 28, 2012 § 4 Comments

Last time I was here, I was getting ready to go on a crazy world travel adventure with my little family. It’s been two months and I guess you can finally say we have some what settled in life back in America. I’ll write more about our trips and our first days here soon. For I want to be sure and document all the fun things we’ve been doing. It’s been a treat to watch Oliver experience America for the first time.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a couple of our family pictures. We live in a small town with a quaint little downtown. It was a bone deep, frigid cold afternoon. Needless to say, I froze in this dress. But all for the love of art, right?


Our little guy was a trooper and for the most part cooperated with our picture-taking efforts!


Outfit details:

— me —

Dress, The Shabby Apple/ Boots, local boutique in Turkey/Necklace, Kotton

—ย Oliver —

Jeans, Old Navy/ Shirt, Children’s Place/ Sweater, Gap/ Shoes, Toms

— the husband —

Jeans, American Eagle/ Shirt and tie, J.Crew/ Shoes, Clarks


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