Focus for the new year, plaid shirt + black booties

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{jacket, vintage (similar)/shirt/ jeans/ booties/ scarf, handmade}

Friends, can you believe it is already January 1st, 2013? I mean, the future has arrived and I don’t see any flying cars around. (Can you guess what was my favorite cartoon as a child? Now can you guess how old I am?)

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m one of those people who buy into all the new year frenzy of reflections and new goals. I make endless lists that I love to check off throughout the year. I’m a girl with a vision and without my lists, I get nowhere.

So I found some time today to jot down a few things.Things I’ve had in my heart for the upcoming year. The list came out longer and more random than I anticipated. Here’s a little glimpse:



1. continue to wake up before my son every morning, to work out and to spend time in the Bible.

2. use kinder words

3. cook healthier meals for my family, meal plan

4. call my mom more often ( it always gets me in a better mood)

5. create a master bedroom oasis when we move (don’t want to neglect this room anymore!)

6. create more, sketch more, make more art

7. be more generous with my time

8. sign up for the 8k Eurasia race (it happens every October in Istanbul)

9. finish all the books I have started before I buy more/borrow more

10. improve on my sewing skills

I also have few goals for my family and things I want to do as a wife and mommy. There are also two BIG goals for the upcoming year that I’m keeping private, for now. šŸ™‚ One thing not on this list? Weight loss. Nope, not this year. I will write more about this tomorrow. So don’t forget to check back here!

So what do you think of my list? Any tips on how I can carry out these goals? What are some of your goals? Let’s make a fabulous 2013!




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