Some sweets, nude nail polish and a J.Crew coat

January 10, 2013 § 4 Comments

Today’s title sums up my top 5 for this week. 🙂
First though, I wanted to start this post by thanking you guys for the sweet comments on Wednesday’s post! I am having so much fun with this blog, slowly finding my way into the way of fashion things. What a blessing you guys are to me!

Now, let me share some of my favorite things this week. If you spend any small amount of time around me, you will quickly realize I have a terrible sweet tooth and a an addiction to diet coke. These days I try to keep things in moderation, but this week was a sweet exception:


I was near a Whole Foods this week and I found these. I promise you I only ate one to make sure they were good. 😉 O loved them. And I didn’t feel bad about giving it to him.


20130110-214315.jpg Another delightful Whole Foods find. I have to confess I indulged in too many of these cookies.


20130110-214430.jpg San-tan-tonio is my new favorite polish color. Seriously, nude is the new black when it comes to nails. I think.


20130110-214531.jpg I told you this post was sweet! I got to enjoy some lovely fellowship with some lovely ladies last night. We bonded over Kate Middleton, gourmet cupcakes and breastfeeding. Not necessarily in that order. I come from a family of girls and there’s something so refreshing about spending time with other ladies who aren’t afraid of keeping it real.


20130110-214804.jpg This coat (similar) deserves a post of its own (coming soon!). I got it on Monday. It was on sale plus 30 percent off, so I just went for it. I have been wearing it every day since.

So tell me, do you have a sweet tooth? What’s your favorite sweet indulgence? And you know what? It’s Friday, so you have my permission to eat a bite or two. 😉



§ 4 Responses to Some sweets, nude nail polish and a J.Crew coat

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