6 simple tips for packing

January 13, 2013 § 12 Comments

Hi everyone!

If you have read my About Me page, you know my life is full of travel and therefore packing. I’m getting ready to see my family in Brazil (only a few more sleeps!) and obviously packing has been on my mind. I made this quick video with some tips of my usual packing process. Hope you enjoy!


Packing – Mobile from Priscila Smith on Vimeo.

A quick recap:

1. Check the weather – This way you can know if you need to pack your trench coat and umbrella or not. 🙂

2. Make a list – I got tired of forgetting things. A few days before the trip I make a list and leave it out on my dresser. Every time I think of something, I just jot it down. It also helps with planning when to do laundry. Ever since I started making my packing lists, I rarely leave something important behind.

3. Maximize your shoes – A pair of flats, a pair of heels. Boots or flip-flops depending on where you are going. Bonus points if one of those are leopard print. That is the most versatile shoe ever. Oh if you are going to pack your running shoes, make sure you USE it! I can’t believe how many times I packed my running shoes and never exercised. If I’m going to take up precious luggage real estate with tennis shoes, I better make sure I exercise everyday!

4. Take items that serve double duty – More tops, less bottoms. That’s my motto. I like to plan to use each piece I take at least twice. With two or three different outfit combinations if possible. I usually plan my outfits if it’s a short trip. Then I throw in a ‘free’ item or two that aren’t in the plan just to add some variety. I like to have choices. Plus sometimes an outfit you planned might not suit your mood or your activity for the day.

5. Accessorize to your advantage – Accessories take up little room and can elevate a beach cover-up into an evening dress. A sparkly necklace, a scarf, an armful of bracelets can be your biggest assets and change up any outfit.

6. String bags, pouches and zip-top bags can help keep your suitcase clean and organized – There’s nothing like knowing where everything is my bag. When I get to my destination, I just pull out all my bags and pouches and I’m all set. Same goes for the trip back, I can easily put things back the way they came when I put all non-clothing items in smaller bags.


Hope this helps some of you!

Stay tuned for pictures of my beloved Brazil!







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