Old Navy Striped Dress + Gap sandals + Leopard belt

February 5, 2013 § 26 Comments


(I put O to bed tonight and sat down to write this post)

Mommy, I need McQueen!

(I go, give him McQueen, sit back down. What was I going to write again?)

Mommy, mooooommy! I need a sip of milk!

(I give him his milk. Now I can finally write.)

Mommy, I have a question for you!

( go answer  the burning question, tell him it’s time to sleep now and hope for the best)

Does this sound familiar to any of you? If you have ever tried to get ready (or cook dinner, or finish a task etc) with a toddler in tow, interruptions are nothing new to you.


{dress, Old Navy (similar)/ belt, stolen from my sister (similar)/ sandals, Gap (similar)/ purse, TJ Maxx (similar)}

Short from getting ready while O is asleep, my only other solution to interruptions is to think of my outfit while I’m in the shower. Or better yet, the night before.  I check the weather ( or ask my husband, because he always knows what the weather will do), take a look in my closet (or suitcase) and  leave everything out and ready to go. When it comes time to get ready, no matter how many toddler interruptions I get, I can manage to look at least somewhat presentable. 😉


 Now, I still like to leave a little room for play. Say, for your example, your sister has this fabulous leopard print belt, just lying around… You just have to make a few adjustments to your outfit to make room for creativity (or a belt contraband). I mean, don’t you think the belt just made the outfit? Having everything laid out the night before helps, but it can’t be set in stone. Otherwise this great belt would not have been added to an otherwise safe ensemble. In short, leave a little room for fun. 😉


What are your tips for saving time when getting ready? What interruptions do you have to deal with? Do you leave a little room for spur-of-the-moment fashion choices?



Speaking of sisters, I just couldn’t resist posting this picture of my younger sister. I mean, she’s not only gorgeous, but she has the best laid-back style. Granted, the t-shirt is stolen from my suitcase, but how could I blame her? This outfit is just perfection. Hope you enjoy this little style treat!




{ tee, Urban Outfitter (similar)/ skirt, have to ask my sister  (similar)}


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