My thirty-first wish list

March 31, 2013 § 13 Comments

Thirty has been a good age for me. I felt like a turned a new leaf on every aspect of my life when I turned thirty. A lot of the insecurity of my twenties was gone, along with some fear. After I turned thirty, I finally looked at my life and said well, if I don’t start today, I’ll never be who I say I want to be. So I started to wake up earlier to read my Bible and workout. I started to take count of my dreams. I started a blog. All in all, thirty has made me a better person/wife/mom/daughter. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me on my thirty-first year.


On a lighter note, I’m declaring this a birthday week here on the blog. I figured I’d start with a birthday wish list *wink:





I am obsessed with backpacks. I’ve has my eye on this leather backpack for quite sometime. But I wouldn’t mind this polka-dotted number. Either one would be perfect for traveling.


We are moving back to Turkey soon and I know I need new kitchen towels there. This OR this one or both would work.




In keeping with my new take-charge-of-my-fitness attitude, I need new workout DVDs. I love Insanity but I need to add variety to my collection when it is not always ok to work out outside in Turkey. I wouldn’t mind this Beach Babe DVD.


My goal for thirty-one? Keep a clean purse. You guys, there’s a reason why you not see a “what’s in my purse” post anytime soon. I need help. This Purse Organizer  could be be the answer. I love a good practical gift.



For the same reason I mentioned on number three. It would be nice to take some new Nike shoes back to Turkey. I’ve been dying to try these.


Now most of those gifts are practical things that I actually need. Here’s the real wish list:

Birthday wish list

{My dream flats}

{ a pretty dress just because}

{an extra roomy beautiful leather bag}

So,if you’re over thirty, what did the 30 milestone bring to you? If you are not there yet, what do you hope it will bring?



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