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May 31, 2013 § 3 Comments

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J.Crew Factory Navy and Neon Dress + Madden Girl Studded Sandals + Wishbone necklace

May 29, 2013 § 15 Comments

Feeling a bit under the weather today… Plus O decided not to nap, so please excuse me while I go play pretend car wash and any other shenanigans those crazy cars might get themselves into!

I leave with a simple outfit I wore Sunday.


{Dress, J.Crew Factory (a more summer-y version of it here)/ Sandals, Madden Girl ( similar) / necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar)/ nail polish}


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Old Navy Jersey Skirt + Target Gold Sandals

May 27, 2013 § 15 Comments


Hello Monday!

Hello Bagdat Caddesi. If you were coming to visit me and had an extra day to spare (because I’d take you to the important, historical places first!), I would bring you here. It is such a fun street, full of all the stores I love. They have all the same ones at the mall, but there’s just something about walking around in the open air, iced vanilla latte in hand, window shopping. And if we happen to bring someone who doesn’t enjoy the crowds  *cough* like the husband and son *cough*, they can just walk down to the water front and enjoy the nice weather.

Hello best Target sandals ever. Lately I just can’t seem to think of an outfit without these in mind. So glad I snatched one up before we moved back!

Hello silly face.


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{Skirt/ Shirt, Forever 21 (similar) / Sandals/ Necklace, gift/ Sunglasses, Forever 21 (similar)}

Hello über comfortable skirt. I swore I’d never buy one (they see too much like yoga pants), yet here we are, falling in love. I still don’t know how I feel about it with just a plain old tee. But with the good ol’ faithful denim shirt and some shiny sandals? Yes, I’ll take two of these for the Summer.


{on O: shirt, thrifted, GAP/ shorts, Carters/ shoes, Nike}

Hello cutest kid ever. You need a haircut. You are amazing. You are growing up a little too fast. I love the new things you say everyday, how you seem to absorb the world like a sponge. We have started doing a bit of homeschooling and I’m amazed at how thirsty you are for learning new things. But maybe we could slow down the growing up just a tad? Your sappy mama would much appreciate that.

So, how’s your Monday so far?

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Foodie Friday – Four healthy breakfast ideas

May 23, 2013 § Leave a comment


photo-5 copy

You may remember that one of my goals for this year was to eat better and feed my family better. I have to admit that while we were Stateside I didn’t really make any effort at this. However ever since we landed in Turkey I have worked hard at making these changes.

In some aspects it’s easy. Fresh fruits and vegetables abound. Tomatoes are in season right and they are the best-tasting tomatoes ever. What I have trouble finding is more of the “trendy’ health food you see in America and Brazil. Things like coconut water, quinoa, etc. So I am setting my efforts in adding more fruits and vegetables into our lives. Starting with breakfast.

While these breakfasts may not be perfectly balanced, they are a huge improvement for someone who a little over a month ago was habitually committing the worst nutritional sin experts say you can commit: skipping breakfast. Hope you enjoy my ideas:


1. Smoothies. I started adding smoothies into my life after I got a Magic Bullet and started doing the Tone it Up workouts. The Tone it Up ladies send frequent emails with workouts and the occasional healthy recipe. My favorite is any variation of the Bikini Smoothie. It’s very satisfying.

2. One scrambled egg on a whole-wheat toast. So simple. It takes me less than five minutes to make and keeps me full for many hours.

3. Oatmeal. I like to add honey, cinnamon, coconut flakes and sliced bananas on top.

4. Cinnamon banana and apples. I slice one apple and one banana, sprinkle cinnamon on top and microwave it for a few seconds. It’s like having cake for breakfast. Especially if you get sweet apples like the ones from my corner store.

So every morning now, along with my precious cup off coffee (and my cup of water), I take a few minutes to take care of myself with these breakfasts.

I haven’t gotten bored yet, but do you have any suggestions to add to that list? What is your favorite healthy breakfast?


A longer than expected hyatus

May 21, 2013 § 4 Comments

Phew that was a long break! So if any of you out there still come on here from time to time to check on me, no worries, I’m alive. If you follow me on Instagram, you know this was a much-needed break. Life was happening and I was barely keeping up with it, no time for blogging.

But things are falling into place. All the boxes are unpacked. Now I just need to find a place for everything. And learn to get around in a city of 15 million. No biggie. I can’t wait to show some of the progress I make around the house! It’s not the perfect apartment, but we are having fun making it ours. Mondays will be Decor Days around here.


I’m deeply in love with my new ‘zigon‘ tables (or nesting tables in America). It’s a big part of the culture here. More on them later. 


Also, fashion. Even with all the crazy of moving half away across the world ( again) and then moving to a new a city, some fun outfits have happened. I just gotta get the husband to stop long enough to take pictures of them.


Why, yes, not everything has a place yet. Ignore the Crocs and randomness on the background.

{shirt, Old Navy/ jeans, Luck Brand/sandals, Target}


this one was taking by a talented budding photographer, aka my 3-year-old. Again, ignore the background randomness.

{shirt, Forever 21/ tee, Mavi Jeans/ skirt, boutique in Brazil/ belt, (literally stolen from my little cousin’s dress-up closet) vintage}

I have also made changes in the way I eat and started a new workout program. I’ll be sharing new recipes and some of my new fitness goals on Fridays. Hope you will enjoy this new feature!


I have tried out new healthy recipes since the move. These no-fat, no-sugar, banana oatmeal cookies were quite yummy.

photo-7Smoothies are my newest breakfast obsession.

I hope to get into a regular posting schedule soon enough! I can’t wait to show you more of my new city.

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