16 weeks – it’s a girl!

August 24, 2013 § 1 Comment




How far along: 16 weeks

How big is baby: About the size of an avocado

Weight gain: I feel like I got really big really fast over the past few weeks. I’m at a 9 lbs weight gain. I hope

Sleeping: Heartburn has set in. And of course I still wake up a couple of times a night to go to the bathroom. I still get a solid night of sleep though, can’t complain.

Food cravings:  If I craved mostly healthy stuff during my first weeks of pregnancy, this past few weeks I have craved a lot of junk. Bacon. Chocolate. With the nausea going away in the past few days, I feel more in charge of my nutrition. I’ve been able to make healthier choices. I can eat eggs for breakfast again, or even oatmeal (my go-to breakfast before the nausea set in). So things are looking up!

Food aversions: I still have the occasional momentary aversion. One food sounds great in one moment and then awful the next. Other than that, I feel like I can eat anything.

Symptoms:  My old friend, acid reflux. I had it terribly with O. Here we go again. Good thing I know all the tricks!

Miss Anything?: My Lucky brand jeans. 🙂

Doctor’s appointment: I went to the doctor yesterday and she confirmed what she was thinking at my previous appointment: We are having our girl! We couldn’t be more thrilled. Baby girl is growing and doing really well. We had known for about the month the possibility that she was girl, so I was doing my best to hold off on looking at all the pretty girly things that’s out there. I just feel so blessed God is giving me the opportunity to be the mommy of a boy and a girl. Oliver is mostly excited about getting a baby sister. He’s just not sure about sharing a room with dirty diapers.

Wedding Rings: on.

Clothes: Most everything still fits, but I’ve chosen to wear loose clothing. For comfort, but also to hide that awful stage when it just looks like I’ve had one too many cupcakes. One of my maternity pants is fitting really well too. The others are a little too loose still.

Movement: Little tiny flutters, especially at night. Nothing that O or the husband can feel though.

What I’m looking forward to: buying girl clothes!

What I did / Got for baby: Started cleaning up O’s toys, we have a lot of rearranging to do.

What I learned this week: I am learning the hard lesson of doing less and being more. I’ll have a post on this soon.

Prayer requests: Praying for energy to continue my daily activities, to care for my family well while still making sure I’m not overdoing it.

p.s.: I have started to password-protect some posts here on the blog. If you would you like the password, contact me at cardososisters@gmail.com.


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