A pregnancy update, 32 weeks

December 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

I completely dropped the ball in chronicling Nina’s pregnancy. Life got busy and my body got tired… So here’s an Instagram update of the past 12 weeks. I’ll be back soon with a nursery update. It’s small but it is looking cute!

It’s getting harder to bundle up the bump for the cold, so I’m having to get creative.

photo 5

32 weeks

I am getting tired of my maternity clothes… Ready to go shopping after Nina gets here! A lot of hip pain has set in also, so I have added prenatal yoga to my work outs. I think the baby really likes when I get all relaxed. She also has moved to a head down position. Even though we are not having a normal delivery, the doctor says this is good to avoid hip dysplasia. So good job, baby girl!

photo 4

30 weeks

Life goes on as usual. Time has flown. I am busy taking care of Nina’s big brother, teaching and just making sure our home doesn’t fall apart. Add in Christmas season and I have been VERY tired.  Yet, I have much more stamina and energy to keep going than when I was preggo with O. At this point, I think I was much bigger. Nina seems to be of the smaller baby variety. 😉

photo 3

29 weeks

The third trimester brought in a lot of back pain and heartburn. And a loss of appetite. Kinda strange, but baby is still growing fine. So no problems there. I also had to start taking iron supplements because I was bit anemic. Going up and down the hills of Istanbul were making me beyond winded.

photo 2

27 weeks

The second trimester was challenging, mainly because the husband was gone for three weeks. And single parenting while 26 weeks preggo is certainly a challenge. Most nights I crashed soon after I put O down.

photo 4

25 weeks

I was also craving a lot of ethnic food in the second trimester. Chinese, Mexican… And fish, I couldn’t get enough fish in me. As well as broccoli. Those cravings have kind of waned some now in the third trimester. But it was so odd to crave things I normally never ever touch. But speaking of fish, I could go for some fish and chips right about now (mind you it is not even 10 o’clock in the morning).

photo 1

22 weeks

At this point, I was just getting over nausea and looking for the so-called surge of energy you get with the second trimester. I can honestly say it never came. I guess pregnancy while parenting a three year-old does not bring a lot of extra time to rest or energy. 😉

photo 4 copy

20 weeks

photo 1 copy

19 weeks

That’s all, folks!


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