31 days of Oliver & Nina – Nina Nicole, 6 months old

October 3, 2014 § 2 Comments


Let’s backtrack a little. I’ve been good at taking Nina’s monthly pictures, but not so great at writing her monthly developments.

At 6 months old, Nina got to finally meet her grandparents from her daddy’s side. Gram and Gramps came to rescue mommy while daddy was away on a long trip. It took her no time to take to them. She loved getting her bottles and baths from Gram, she loved hanging out and laughing in the early mornings with Gramps. I think she truly bonded with them and I still think she remembers them because her face lights up when she seems them on Skype.




At six months, Nina is just starting to sit up well. She loves to eat. She even got to have a tiny taste of her Gramps’ ice cream (it’s a tradition). She still loves her brother, but she can be a mama’s girl too. She has been working on her teeth for a while but they have yet to make an appearance.

At her latest appointment, Nina was showing all her weight gain. The doctor said she didn’t even have to weigh her, she was certain Nina had put on enough weight! ūüôā



31 days of Oliver & Nina – The day I stopped nursing

October 2, 2014 § 1 Comment

I had to stop nursing Nina way earlier than I anticipated. She had never been a great eater¬†anyway. Constantly latching on and off. It was exhausting. I talked to her pediatrician often about it, we considered every possibility. From tongue tie to milk supply. Nina was still gaining enough weight, so the doctor didn’t seem to be concerned about it for the first couple of months.


Nina at 4 months

But then after ¬†her fourth month appointment, the doctor started to notice that even though Nina was gaining weight, she wasn’t gaining enough weight. And although this isn’t my first go at nursing or caring for an infant, this was the first time I had ever heard tha my baby wasn’t gaining enough weight. My firstborn, Oliver, was a big baby, was a fast eater¬†and has never been below the 50th percentile on any charts. So to hear my baby girl had dropped to the lower end of the scale, made me worry and worry and the stress a little more.

Well, as you know, worrying and stress can be the worst thing for your milk supply… Stressing over my baby’s weight gain+ ¬†girl’s fussy nursing habits + baby¬†sleeping through the night by 8 weeks = very low milk supply. My baby was so hungry I had to start supplementing. I tried to get my milk supply up but with another child to care for I just didn’t have the time/energy to pump.

I cried many tears. For many days. I talked to a lot of other ¬†moms, I did research online and talked to my doctor. In the end, all I could do was accept the fact that my milk supply was gone. But my baby wasn’t.

I had to make a choice to focus on the truly wonderful thing that was happening. Yes, my milk was gone and my baby would no longer enjoy the benefits of being exclusively breastfed. However she was still healthy. Very healthy, actually. She started to put on weight and caught on rather quickly. ūüôā The nurses at the doctor’s office could hardly believe it was the same baby when we came in a month or so later. To top it all, it never seemed to bother my Nina girl. In fact she seemed happier, more content with her new lot in life.

Her mama had a harder time being content with this though. Mommy guilt took over. Insensitive people and their unnecessary comments didn’t help either. I made the choice to focus on my baby’s health, to be glad we got to bond over four and half months of nursing. Even though bonding over nursing was over, I still feel deeply connected to my baby girl.

Maybe I’m writing all of this to tell myself that I did the very best I could. I offered the best nutrition to her while I could. Maybe I’m writing all of this because I still struggle with people’s ( mostly other moms) reactions when they hear I’m no longer breastfeeding. Maybe it is time to come to terms with this. I love my baby, she loves me. She is healthy and happy. End of story.

(sigh) Those last words are easy to type. May I remember them next time someone gives me a hard time over giving my girl a bottle.

31 days of Oliver & Nina

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I decided to join The Nester for her “31 days” writing challenge. I have a lot of writing to do. I need to catch up on the past few months of mothering two babies. Nina’s developments, O’s shenanigans. There are lot of ideas and emotions floating around that just need to get out.

I’m going to try my best and do series on motherhood, parenting two and expat parenting. My series will be appropriately titled¬†31¬†days of Oliver & Nina.¬†

I sincerely hope I can keep up!


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