Mango raincoat + brown boots + Old Navy striped dress

February 26, 2013 § 42 Comments

I know I wore this dress only a short few weeks ago on the blog. But I just couldn’t resist showing you just how versatile this dress can be. I don’t think I knew how much wear I could get out of this dress when I bought it. It was an end of season bargain from good Old Navy.
This is how I’m wearing it now. Might even add more layers if needed. A chunky scarf, some tights might do the trick.

I got this raincoat a couple of springs ago. I love that it has an extra removable layer, which makes it all the more flexible for year round wear. The big tall boots finish off the look. These boots hold a special place in my heart. I had just moved to Turkey and didn’t speak a lick of Turkish. I saw all the girls wearing boots like this and decided I needed to a pair of my own. With toddler-like mumbles I was able to tell the sales person what I wanted and what size I needed. It’s the little things, you know?

20130226-221059.jpgI like the idea of a necklace just peeking through the collar. I think it adds another layer to the look but still keeps it understated.


For warmer days, swap out the boots for heels,layer up some necklaces and you are ready for Spring!



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